Non-binary Seafolly model gets into heated exchange with airport cops

Controversial non-binary Seafolly model’s extraordinary row with Jetstar over $100 fee for overweight luggage – before launching into a heated exchange with airport cops and missing their flight

  • Deni Todorovic in dispute at airport 
  • Non-binary activist blames Jetstar 
  • Police also involved during incident 

Controversial non-binary model Deni Todorovic had a heated hour-long run-in with airport staff and police before flying from Melbourne to Sydney for Australian Fashion Week.

The 35-year-old, who made worldwide headlines after fronting an ad campaign for swimwear brand Seafolly, was on Monday seen in a animated conversation outside Melbourne’s domestic departure terminal with two Australian Federal Police officers.

Todorovic claimed they were subjected to ‘homophobic and racist’ behaviour after getting into a dispute with Jetstar staff over an additional charge for an overweight second piece of luggage they tried to check in.

The fashionista, who was wearing a ballgown, admits to ‘yelling’ after being told there would be a $100 fee for an extra 10.5kgs.

Shortly afterwards, two airport policemen approached and the argument continued – with the model eventually missing the flight.

‘I almost got arrested over $100 f***ing dollars,’ Todorovic explained to the Daily Telegraph after finally touching down in Sydney on Tuesday, where they attended a Erik Yvon show for Fashion Week.

A photo taken outside Melbourne’s domestic departures terminal on Monday show controversial non-binary influencer Deni Todorovic in conversation with police

‘I was sitting on a suitcase and then I said to mum, “I should probably put some pants on because I will get more respect”. 

Todorovic, who identifies ‘by all pronouns’, alleges the police told them to leave and accused them of being violent.

Photos of the incident show Todorovic perched on a suitcase in a frilly turquoise ballroom-style gown worn over a black shirt engaging two standing officers in intense discussion.

Todorovic said the look was based on the Carrie Bradshaw character from hit 90s romantic comedy TV series Sex in the City. 

The model from Geelong vented their frustration further at the situation saying: ‘I hate Australia.’

‘Money means nothing to me, it comes in, it comes out. So many people got in my way, I couldn’t get the flight,’ Todorovic said.

As a further protest they wrote ‘Jetstar, suck my d***” across the top of both thighs using black marker pen. 

Todorovic, who goes by ‘all pronouns, said they got into a dispute with Jetstar staff over a $100 charge for an overweight piece of luggage

A Jetstar representative denied that there had been untoward behaviour by their staff.

‘We categorically deny these allegations,’ a statement said.

‘Our airport staff did everything they could to support the customer. When the customer decided not to fly, we supported that request.’ 

The AFP confirmed they had spoked to a passenger but would give no further details other than there would be no further action taken. 

One witness said the exchange happening near the terminal entrance were ‘a bit of a spectacle’.

Todorovic’s starring role in the Seafolly campaign led to a customer boycott in March by those who would not accept a non-binary figure promoting a female line of swimwear.

Their subsequent erratic behaviour and tirades have seen the model ditched from various public roles by underwear label Bonds, youth charity Minus 18, and gin brand Tanqueray.

Todorovic’s podcast for Mamamia has also come to an end.

Last month the Todorovic’s sensationally announced on Instagram they like ‘a line or two’ of cocaine.

Despite the outrageous admission, Todorović told followers they had been sober for the past two weeks and insisted they do not have a problem with substance abuse.

Non-binary influencer and activist Deni Todorović (pictured) has been dropped by several high-profile brands following a string of alarming social media posts 

‘I will give you a motherf**king urine sample if you need one because I have not been on motherf**king drugs for fifteen days today,’ they ranted.

Todorović’s followers expressed concern in the comments section of the video, which has now been deleted from their account.

‘This is coming from a loving place but I’m worried about you,’ one wrote. 

‘Please take care of your health and mental health.’

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