‘Neighbours from hell’ climb over fence after refusing to turn down loud music

A family was left feeling frustrated when their rude neighbours refused to turn down the music and reacted aggressively.

Katelyn Park, from New Zealand, filmed the encounter and shared it on TikTok to show the problems the family had to put up with while living next to what some people called "the worst nightmare".

In the video, she showed the heated exchange in the garden and said: "When my mum asked the neighbours to turn the music down because it was shaking the house."

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Katelyn's mum is seen standing close to the fence and trying to tell the neighbours: "All I wanted…"

She puts her hands on her waist and takes a pause as a woman from next door has an outburst, so she tells her: "You can't even have a normal conversation."

A man and a woman then appear to hit the fence and shout swear words.

But the audio is interrupted by Katelyn's son who can be heared asking for "another creaming soda".

The neighbours then pour water over at the grandma and a man jumps on the top of the fence and shouts at her.

Katelyn lets out a laugh and tells the man: "All she asked was you to turn the music down a little bit."

When her mum walks away, two women from the next door property pop up the fence and yell at her.

The situation turns into chaos while Katelyn's son couldn't wait to ask again: "Can I have another creaming soda?"

Viewers praised Katelyn's mum for standing her ground, with one said: "Your mum is amazing.

"The way she stood her ground and didn’t let them intimate her in the slightest, oozes strength."

Another commented: "My gosh, some people got no respect for others. Call the police!"

"It's the child asking for another creaming soda, as though nothing unusual is going on," a third added.


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