‘My thug husband beat my parents to death and filmed it for me to watch’

A woman has claimed her thug husband brutally beat her parents to death and tried to make her watch gruesome videos of their bodies.

Gabriela Lagos has alleged that her husband Guillermo Silva, 57, murdered her parents in their Florida home two weeks ago.

The mum of four said she was in Chile at the time of the killings and had asked Silva to look after her parents while she was away.

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"He had my mom's phone and he said: 'Put the camera on, I got something for you,'" Lagos told WPTV.

"He recorded videos for me, to see my parents dead. I can’t believe it. He’s a monster, that he can do that to two older people."

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies found two dead bodies at the home on July 2.

They said a male was found with "severe blunt force trauma to his face" and a woman with "severe blunt force trauma on her torso, arms and face".

The woman was naked and positioned on a bed with a laceration on her back.

Lagos claimed her eldest son found his grandparents brutally murdered when dropping off some money at the house.

The son claimed Silva came from behind and put a knife to his neck, shouting: "I’m going to f**king kill you!"

The son then managed to fight Silva off and pin him down until police arrived.

He claimed that, when pinned down, Silva shouted: “Please forgive me…I killed them…They’re dead…Kill me!”

Silva told police that he didn't remember killing the couple, instead claiming he had gotten into a drunken argument with them before going to sleep.

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He did remember seeing the female naked in his bedroom but did not know why.

He said he was woken up by Lagos' son – who was looking for his grandparents – before an altercation ensued.

Police charged Silva with two counts of second-degree murder and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Lagos explained her mum and dad were 79 and 80 respectively and last month celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

“They have a beautiful family. Many grandchildren. Many great-grandchildren,” she said.

“They took him [Silva] like a son. They gave him everything. I don’t know why he did that. There’s no explanation.”


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