Mum threw party for her boobs before having them removed because of cancer

A mum who threw a goodbye party for her breasts before having a mastectomy has revealed that she has beaten cancer.

Lynsey Ritchie, a mum-of-four who faced breast cancer head on with incredible humour, is now in remission after her double mastectomy and 15 rounds of radiotherapy.

Lynsey, 45, told the Daily Record two years ago how she threw a party for her breasts before having them removed in a double mastectomy operation in December 2019.

After 15 doses of chemotherapy, Lynsey was preparing to have her breasts removed when she decided to throw a “thanks for the mammaries” party in their honour.

She ordered a “boob cake” and invited friends and family to celebrate finishing her chemo and as a thank-you to her breasts for their work in feeding all four of her own children, Odhran, Cailean, 10, Brodie, eight and six-year-old Darragh, as well as many others from her donations to the milk bank.

Lynsey said: “Technically, my boobs have done more good than bad and deserved a proper send-off.”

Lynsey proudly walked into the hospital wearing her own inimitable style of Christmas knitwear – an elf jumper with flesh-coloured boobs adorned with Christmas baubles.

Writing on her blog next to a picture of her wearing it, she wrote: “Tata titties, Bye bye boobies. Let’s do this.”

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She kept her jumper on until the last possible moment and a few hours later announced on her Facebook page: “I’m out and they are off.”

Lynsey was breastfeeding her youngest son Odhran, now four, when she went to her GP with a lump under her arm. She had hoped it was a cyst but it turned out to be triple negative breast cancer.

“You never think it will be you who hears those words, ‘I’m sorry, it’s cancer’ and when you do your world implodes," she said.

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The courageous mum added: “I am living and loving my best life today thanks to improved treatments and I’d like to help people affected by cancer in the months and years to come.

“I do not, and will not ever, let cancer rule my life but it has changed my life and will forever be a part of my story.

“I feel emotional and very grateful to be here."

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