Mum haunted after seeing daughter killed by SUV ‘can’t sleep or close eyes’ as she relives battle to save her life – The Sun

A HEARTBROKEN mum has spoken of her “devastation” after seeing her only child struck and killed by a SUV.

Dianna Schmidbauer, of Iowa, US, says she’s in such a state of shock that she can’t close her eyes or sleep as she is haunted by her battle to save her daughter’s life.

The distraught mum told KETV that she had been helping Kristina, 26, move to another city – Stuart – in Iowa.

While travelling there, her truck suddenly stalled and Dianna assumed “we ran out of gas”.

So her daughter got out of the vehicle to try and get help by flagging down a passing vehicle.

However, reports Stamford Advocate, she was hit by a Dodge Durango.

Dianna tried to save her life by performing CPR, but, “I turned her over, and she was blue.

“I started doing mouth-to-mouth on her and chest compressions, saying, ‘please don’t leave me, please!'

“I can’t even close my eyes.”

The mum added: "I was devastated. That was my daughter's life."

Her husband, Steve Betts said he, too, was still in shock over the horrific death as the family would “never have the chance” to enjoy the “things we wanted to do – that we took for granted”.

Steve added that, tragically, his daughter had been looking forward to moving to Stuart to have a fresh start.

She had been hoping to “get away from people who were bringing her down” and “make a better life for herself”.

The Iowa State Patrol told reporters that it's investigating the crash, but charges are not likely to be laid against the driver as Kristina was standing in a highway lane when she was struck.

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