Mum fears for her life after DHL mistakenly deliver toxic chemicals

Mother, 35, is left fearing for her family’s life after DHL mistakenly delivered boxes containing toxic chemicals marked ‘dangerous goods’ to her home

  • After opening the lid of the box, dry ice started to poor out over her kitchen
  • The mother-of-two from Devon said it was ‘like something from a sci-fi film’

A mother-of-two said she was left fearing for her life after two large boxes of toxic chemicals were mistakenly delivered to her house.

Sophie Jones, 35, had ordered an electronic kit for her robotics job, but was instead left with two 40kg boxes alarmingly market ‘dangerous goods’.

Curious as to the contents of the boxes that had been delivered to her address, Ms Jones, from Plymouth in Devon, decided to open the packages.

After opening the lid, dry ice then started to pour out from the boxes across her kitchen.

The mother-of-two said she was left terrified and concerned for her family’s safety. 

Sophie Jones was left with two 40kg boxes alarmingly marked ‘dangerous goods’ (file image)

Ms Jones told The Sun: ‘It was like something from a sci-fi film. I quickly closed it and I’ve been too scared to open it again. 

‘I’m worried it could be something poisonous which I’ve now got in my house.’

It was later discovered that the boxes marked ‘dangerous goods’ were from Siemens Healthcare Diagnosis and cost around £72,000.

The boxes should have been delivered to a laboratory in the United States, with the labels suggesting the contents were related to pregnancy testing.

Ms Jones said neither Seimens nor DHL responded to her immediate concerns.

But Seimens later contacted Ms Jones to urge her to remove the boxes that contained a ‘biomedical substance’ from her home as quickly as possible over the risk of toxic fumes to her and her family. 

Siemens told The Sun that it would be in discussion with DHL over the wrongly delivered boxes.

Ms Jones said neither Seimens nor DHL responded to her immediate concerns (file image)

The industrial manufacturing firm said the boxes ‘contained ingredients for medical tests and was addressed to a company site in the United States.’

It was reported that DHL has since collected the mistaken delivery to redistribute to the correct receiver.

A Siemens spokesman said: ‘We’d like to offer our apologies to Ms Jones for the incorrect delivery and the challenge she faced arranging collection.’

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