Mother is slammed by her family after she named her daughter 'tree'

Mother is slammed by her family after she named her daughter ‘tree’ as she denies it is slang for drugs – despite the girl’s middle names being Mary Jane

  • A Canadian beautician, 33, named her children Chree Mary Jane and Tevye 
  • Tenille Bain said her friends & family cautioned her against naming her daughter Chree – pronounced ‘tree’ – because it sounds like a nickname for drugs 
  • Bain says that while most of her loved ones came around to the unique name after her daughter was born, she still gets hate online 

A Canadian mother of two was lambasted online and by her community for her daughter’s unique name.

An Ontario couple decided to name their daughter Chree – pronounced ‘tree’ – and were disheartened when family and friends cast disproving looks and told them to reconsider.

Several of their kin told them the name sounded too similar to a code name for cannabis. 

The problem was compounded when they discovered the child’s full name was to be Tree Mary Jane.

Canadian beautician Tenille Bain named her daughter Chree, to the initial horror of her family and friends

Chree – whose full name is Chree Mary Jane – is now a rambunctuos four-year-old whose family came around on her name

Tenille Bain, a 33-year-old beautician and her partner Michael, 29, said they came up with the name when Michael playfully suggested it.

‘Multiple people have blatantly asked me why I’d choose to name my daughter Chree,’ said Bain.

‘People are just so afraid of change – they say they’re afraid and she (her daughter) won’t get hired for jobs in the future, or she’ll be bullied in class,’ added Tenille.

Chree Mary Jane’s middle name is inspired by Bain’s 79-year-old grandmother.

Despite both of her names, however, Tenille maintains her daughter is not named after marijuana.

Once Michael and Tenille settled on their daughter’s name, they shared it with their friends and family at their gender reveal party.

But instead of embracing the unusual moniker, they say they were criticized.

Bain said the party ended in a ‘heated discussion’ over the name.

‘They went ballistic,’ she said. ‘They told us that we were being crazy and that we couldn’t do it.’

Chree, now 4-years-old, is a happy little girl whose family eventually came around on her potentially problematic name.

‘Thankfully as soon a Chree was born, they learned to accept it,’ said Bain.

The child is not the only sibling in her family with what others might brand an odd name.

Chree’s older brother, who is 8, is named Tevye after the famous lead character from Fiddler on the Roof.

Tevye is a poor milkman in the Jewish village of Anatevka in the years before World War I. The story turned musical primarily revolves around the townspeople of the village as everyday life increasingly becomes more difficult.

Bain said it was her favorite story growing up.

Bain has two children with partner Michael – Chree, 4, and Tevya, 8, who was named after the main character in Fiddler on the Roof, her favorite story growing up

Bain says that she gets a lot of support from strangers regarding her daughter’s unique name, but antagonistic comments online also weigh her down

The beautician frequently shares content of her two children on her TikTok page, where antagonistic commenters continue to slam her for her daughter’s name,

‘I had one person say they’d rip up an application if they saw Chree’s name on it,’ said Bain. ‘Some of the comments can be really loaded – someone said no one would be able to pronounce it.’

Offline, however, Bain says loved ones and strangers have offered her support.

Lots of people, she said, think Chree’s personality matches her name. The four-year-old is full of energy and loves to sing and dance.

‘If I could say one thing to the TikTok haters about my kids’ names, it would be this – they’re name. They’re beautiful, and you need to be mindful when talking about children,’ she said. 

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