Moment wife finds ‘cop’ husband naked in hotel room with mistress & beats her

POLICE are investigating a clip shared online that allegedly shows the moment a scorned wife finds her “cheating” husband naked in a hotel room with his mistress.

The chaotic footage, reportedly filmed in Jaipur, India, captured the wife’s angry reaction as she appeared to beat a woman in her bed in front of uniformed officers.

The clip begins with a group of people, including the “officers,” standing outside a hotel room as they prepare to disturb the Indian couple.

One of the officers enters first and the camera pans to the bed, where the husband and his alleged mistress were sleeping.

Shouting and clapping soon commences to wake the pair up as the wife goes up to the bed and pulls the blanket away.

It is then that she proceeds to physically attack the woman, slapping her several times.

The injured party is then pulled from the bed as the wife continues to attack her, while the husband races to find some underwear to cover his naked body.

The police officers on the scene then attempt to control the violent outbursts and stop the wife from any further attacks.

After a few short moments, exhausted from the thrashing, the woman finally leaves the room along with the rest of the group as the husband is left looking red-faced.

The so called attack came after information emerged that the unnamed man had been having a secret extra marital affair with a government teacher working in Jodhpur.

According to First India News the man is a police officer with The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), while the woman is a teacher.

After his wife reportedly began to suspect he was cheating on her, fuelled by suspiciously long hours away on call, she began her own investigation.  

Eventually, the wife and her brothers managed to track the man to a hotel room in Shastrinagar in Jaipur where the clip is believed to have been filmed.  

The Indian outlet added that they, along with what appeared to be fellow Police officers, then broke into the room using a master key.

The clip, which went viral on social media, prompted the woman to file a complaint against the wife for harassing her in public.

She has also issued a separate complaint regarding the alleged making and distribution of the video that shows the pair together in the hotel.

Police are now investigating the case further and have registered a case against 6 people including the wife of the CRPF officer.

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