Moment Lime bike cyclist smashes into a double-decker bus

Moment Lime bike cyclist smashes into a double-decker bus when it suddenly stops – so who do YOU think was in the wrong?

This is the moment a cyclist on a hired electrically-assisted Lime bike crashed into the back of a double decker bus which had stopped dramatically in the middle of the road. 

Footage captured on a dashcam shows the bus come to a halt after braking heavily on Eaton Rise, Ealing. 

Less than a second later the bike, with its distinctive green front basket slammed into the rear of the bus. 

The riders are assisted on the bikes by a powerful electric motor which can propel it towards a maximum speed of 14.8mph. 

Do you know the identity of the cyclist? Contact [email protected] 

The footage shows the cyclist riding behind the bus which brakes heavily on Eaton Rise in Ealing, west London

The cyclist was unable to stop in time and was thrown over the handlebars of the bike into the back of the bus before collapsing on the ground 

Such was the force of the impact, the rear wheel of the bike is lifted from the ground as the rider is propelled over the handlebars, into the bus, before collapsing onto the tarmac. 

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The footage shows the rider moving slightly on the ground before the clip ends. 

It was shared by the @UB1UB2 account on X, formerly known as Twitter, and has been viewed more than 184,000 times. 

One person who viewed the video suggested TV presenter and keen cyclist Jeremy Vine ‘would blame the bus driver’. 

While a second suggested: ‘In fairness, those big red buses are hard to see.’ Another on a similar theme said the cyclist should ‘go to Specsavers’. 

Several people asked whether the cyclist failed to spot the bus because they were concentrating on their mobile phone handset. 

Shaun O, with a slightly tongue-in-cheek response claimed: ‘He doesn’t stop for reds.’

Transport for London said they had no comment on the video. 

The Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service said the collision had not been reported to them. 

MailOnline has also approached Lime for a comment. 

 Do you know the identity of the cyclist? Contact [email protected]

It is unknown whether the cyclist, who was left in a heap on the ground, was injured in the collision

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