Moment aggressive seagull swoops in to steal a child's sausage

Moment aggressive seagull swoops in to steal a child’s sausage as he sits on wall with his mother in seaside town

  • Dramatic pictures capture the moment a young family were mugged by seagulls
  • The incident occurred in Lyme Regis, Dorset where seagull attacks are common 

A young family enjoying saveloy and chips on the Dorset coast had their idyllic afternoon spoiled after they accosted by a gang of seagulls who assaulted them and made off with their food. 

Startling photos show the angry birds targeting two children while they were sat on a sea wall eating sausage and chips with their mother.

One bird is captured hovering in the air before dive-bombing one of the youngsters to steal a chunk of his saveloy sausage from out of their hand and flying off with it.

The raid encouraged other gulls to flock to the scene, prompting the mother to scoop up their two boxes of sausage and chips and flee.

Out of nowhere the gull swooped down and committed the heinous act of robbery

After the first gull burgled the sausage the unsuspecting family were mobbed 

In another incident, a man was seen fending off another hungry gull using his paper napkin.

Seagulls are a continuing nuisance to tourists in the seaside town of Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Several years ago, the local town council experimented by hiring two bald eagles in a bid to scare off seagulls that steal chips and ice creams from visitors.

The two birds, named Winne and Kojak,  became a common sight in the area. 

Under the pilot scheme launched in August 2019, two handlers strolled along the promenade of the Victorian resort with the eagles on their arms. 

Their presence was enough to stop hundreds of seagulls from swooping down on tourists enjoying the beach.

In another incident a man was seen fighting off an errant gull

Winnie the Bald Eagle with her handler Kyle Smaldon watching over the beach in Dorset (Picture taken in 2019)

Falconer Martin Ballam said at the time: ‘The way it works is that the gulls see the low level threat and stay at a distance.

‘It allows people to enjoy their food and chips in peace and everyone on the beach is that little bit safer’.

Some tourism resorts have brought in by-laws making it an offence for people to feed gulls, with warning signs put up to reinforce the message.

So-called gull-proof rubbish bins have also been used to stop them getting at food waste.

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