Model dubbed ‘White House flasher’ forced to apologise for topless display

A model who has been dubbed the 'White House flasher' has been forced to apologise for getting her boobs out at a Pride Month party where she met President Joe Biden.

Rose Montoya, a transgender activist and model, was one of several guests invited to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month at the White House South Lawn event on June 12.

But she got a little too excited when she attended the event at the White House and decided to bare it all for the camera.

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In a now-deleted post, the social media star was seen covering her nipples with her hands after pulling her dress down to expose her chest.

But it didn't make the statement she thought it would as the 27-year-old received backlash online with critics claiming it could be a "set back" for trans rights.

Montoya has since been barred from the White House, as a spokesperson branded her actions as “inappropriate and disrespectful”.

Reports from US news outlets have dubbed her the "White House flasher."

Now, the model has been forced to issue an apology for her behaviour — claiming it was a “quick moment of fleeting and overwhelming trans joy”.

In the video, which gained more than 150,000 views on TikTok, she said: "In a quick moment of fleeting and overwhelming trans joy, I decided to do something unbecoming of a guest of the President at the White House Lawn Celebration.

"More so than ever before, I have learned how powerful and just how impactful my actions are and how impactful it is when we share our stories and experiences and how we do so with the world."

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She went on to apologise to "the President, the White House, and the nation" as she added: "It was also never my intention to create a situation that would lead to harassment and harm of myself and others, nor for trans joy."

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said: “The behaviour was simply unacceptable.

"We’ve been very clear about that. It was unfair to the hundreds of attendees who were there to celebrate their families."

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