Mia Khalifa shows off figure in skimpy lingerie as she models new jewellery line

Mia Khalifa left little to the imagination as she modelled her new jewellery line.

The influencer, 30, took to her Instagram stories to show off her incredible physique, wearing a revealing black lace bra, black shorts and a gold body chain from her recently-launched brand, Sheytan World.

The star also posted a video where she zoomed in on her chest, captioning the clip: "Shop now!!!"

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In a third story Mia could be seen gazing seductively into a mirror wearing a pearl necklace and white top accessorised with more body jewellery and her trademark white acrylic nails.

The star unveiled her line of body chains last month after months of speculation and said she was "bursting with pride" as fans flocked to buy her designs.

But some critics took issue with the name of the brand, which translates to "devil" in Arabic – the brunette beauty's first language.

One wrote: "Lol so you're going to ignore the fact that Arabic is such a huge part of Islam? Why not name [the brand] Diabla then?"

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Others criticised the star for being "obsessed with Islam".

Taking to TikTok, Mia was quick to shut down the criticism in a video subtitled: "Arabs losing their mind over naming my jewellery brand 'Diabla' in Arabic."

The former adult film star, dressed in a hot pink robe, could be seen mouthing the words: "And shout out again to all those people who hate my guts, but are sitting in a quiet place listening to my show, you are obsessed and sick.

"Shout out to everybody who’s made a fake page just to stare at me and spy on me, you are obsessed and sick. Okay? Okay."

It's not the only time in recent weeks Mia has courted controversy – the star claimed she'd received "30,000 death threats" after issuing some polarising marriage advice.

The twice-divorced star, who has also been engaged a third time, left fans divided after she encouraged female followers to leave their husbands if they're unhappy.

"All I am saying to young women, especially young women who get married early and then feel stuck in these relationships because the thing that gets beaten into them is 'you made a commitment, you have to see it through, blah blah blah'," she said in one video.

"No the f*** you don't. No you don't. If you are unhappy, get the f*** out of there. Leave. It's paperwork."

Taking to Instagram after the comments went viral, Mia wrote: "Woke up to 30k death threats on Twitter over this take ??? Y'all need Jesus for a divorce attorney."

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