Mia Khalifa sends fans wild teasing bombshell appearance on famous comedy show

Mia Khalifa has sent fans overboard after teasing her upcoming appearance on a hit comedy show.

She shared a grab of a post from comedian Eric André who announced that Mia would be appearing on his programme, The Eric Andre Show.

Taking to Instagram, Eric wrote: “Watch Mia Khalifa regret entering the building!!! Sunday [June 4] at midnight [on] Adult Swim.”

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Mia captioned her repost with the word “yay” sandwiched between two smiling crying emojis.

She then added: “lmaooooooooo” and in the comments of Eric’s original post wrote: “Omg hahahahahahahaha”.

Some fans have been loving the prospect of Mia appearing on the show with one saying: “Never imagined I’d see you on this show Mia, what a goat”.

Another added: “I hope he didn't drive you too insane lol love you!”

Others were less impressed, with one saying: “Nah bruh this is just tragic. Ya’ll couldn't find any more people who want to actually be on the show so you gotta pay a pornstar to pretend like she's never seen your show once that's sad [as f***].”

Mia has spoken often about her distance from the porn industry these days, however many were quick to relate her to it in the comments on the post.

One said: “This the best you got lol do better man.

“The fact that y’all putting pornstars front and centre isn’t good and isn’t sending a good message to the youth cause they have Google so you just put a pornstar in front of kids.”

Others sounded unimpressed with the news Mia would be on there, with one saying: “First episode I'll be skipping… damn never thought it would happen”.

Many people also came to her aid, however, with a more generous comment reading: “Wow a lot of hate for an Eric Andre post.

“Yea she did porn like half the damn world has. Let's be nice and treat people the way we wanna be treated even if it's over the internet. It's called the Golden Rule for a reason God damn”.

Another added: “Ppl hating are the ones who have watched her past content lol. Former sex workers are human too, get used to it”.

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