Mia Khalifa explains what she really thinks of UK with kids’ book comparison

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has shown her fans what she really thinks of England.

The Lebanese-American OnlyFans model, 30, is no stranger to British shores and has made the UK one of her go-to holiday spots.

Earlier this month she was spotted once again in Whitstable, Kent – a seaside tourist town she previously claimed was better than Miami.

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It isn't the only place in Kent that Mia is a big fan of either. She previously declared Faversham a "proper" town during a flying visit.

During her last visit here she also appeared at Oxford University for a surprise guest talk.

Now she is back in the US but appears to still have the UK on her mind.

Yesterday (Wednesday, May 24) she took to her Instagram story to repost a meme. The caption she added read: "This is what England looks like to me btw."

The meme read: "Therapist: 'You said you were disappointed with life and how the world operates. What were your expectations?"

In response, it says "Me:" accompanied by a picture from a children's book portraying an idyllic countryside town where the residents are all different animals.

The image is from a book by American children's author and illustrator Richard Scarry.

Scarry published more than 300 books but is most known for the Best Ever series – which the picture from the meme appears to be from.

The series is primarily set in the fictional town of Busytown, populated by friendly anthropomorphic animals including Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Mr Frumble, Police Sergeant Murphy, Mr Fixit, Bananas Gorilla and Hilda Hippo.

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