Met Office thunderstorms warning with UK heatwave coming to sudden end

Met Office Forecast – Staying warm and bright

Heavy rain threatens to batter parts of the UK in the coming days as weather maps show temperatures plummeting after the unseasonable heatwave currently gripping much of the country comes to an abrupt end.

The mercury is forecast by the Met Office to peak on Saturday (September 9) with a roasting 32C or 33C likely across the South and South-East.

Britain’s current heatwave could see the highest temperature of the year so far – 32.2C on June 10 – exceeded, according to the forecaster.

Official heatwave conditions have been met in some parts of Britain already with amber heat health alerts issued by the UK Health Security Ageny and Met Office for eight regions in England until Sunday (September 10).

Temperatures could reach 33C in the South-East on Saturday but are expected to ease on Sunday and Monday (September 11).

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The Met Office forecasts an increasing chance of intense thundery downpours developing over the weekend which it says will most likely affect western areas.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Steven Keates said: “A cold front will begin to influence things from the north-west towards the weekend, though it’ll remain very warm or hot in the south.

“There’s a chance the thunderstorm risk to western areas from Friday onwards may require a warning response, with some potentially impactful downpours, though exact details on the likely positioning of these downpours are still being determined, and indeed many places may see little if any rain on Friday and Saturday.”

Weather maps generated on Thursday (September 7) show temperatures on Monday dropping up to 10C in some parts of the country.

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WX Charts maximum temperature maps show a high of 21C in south-east England, 20C in the Midlands, 22C in East Anglia, 15C to 17C across Wales, 19C in the North East and 15C in the North West.

Temperatures will vary in Scotland with 12C in the north, 16C in the east and 14C along the west coast. Northern Ireland will see temperatures of 14C to 15C on Monday morning, according to weather maps from WX Charts.

Meteogroup UK says this weekend will see a dry day for most on Saturday although Scotland is expected to see some heavy showers for a time. There will be mostly light cloud across the UK.

Sunday will see light scattered showers across Britain and these will be particularly heavy in southern Scotland. Sunny spells are still expected throughout the day, according to Meteogroup UK.

Netweather forecaster Nick Finnis warned thundery showers might hit southern Britain and western regions tomorrow (September 8).

He said: “Friday looks another humid, very warm or hot and sunny day for many, temperatures again reaching 30C to 32C in the South East. There’s some uncertainty but some thundery showers may push into the south and some western areas later in the day.”

Mr Finnis added that the weekend for now is looking humid, very warm and sunny, locally hot in the South East, though some thunderstorms may break out in places across the south.

He said cloud and rain could affect northern Scotland.

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