Meghan Markle feels 'excluded' from coronation plans, sources claim

Meghan Markle feels ‘excluded’ from coronation plans, sources claim – as experts say the Sussexes may avoid King Charles’s ceremony in the wake of security fears and memoir backlash

  • The couple are ‘weighing up’ whether or not to fly over for ceremony on May 6
  • Friends recently said there are a ‘million different variables’ impacting decision 

Meghan Markle feels ‘excluded’ from the King’s coronation, meaning she and Prince Harry may not attend as a result, sources claim.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are both said to be ‘weighing up’ whether or not to fly over for the ceremony on May 6, according to the Spectator.

It comes after friends of the couple said this week they are ‘in limbo’ and considering the ‘million different variables’ impacting their decision.

Harry wants to be by his father’s side on ‘pretty much the most important day’ and hopes to salvage his strained relationship with the Royal Family, sources close to the Duke told The Telegraph.

The insiders claim it’s a ‘complicated’ decision because the couple may be accused of ‘snubbing’ the family by not attending but also risk ‘being booed or labelled hypocrites.’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are both said to be ‘weighing up’ whether or not to fly over for the ceremony on May 6, according to the Spectator

The King will be coronated in a grand ceremony on May 6

The couple’s friends say they will not make a decision about attending the coronation until a formal invitation arrives at their home in California.

They will then decide if they will go to the historic event together or if Harry, 38, would attend without Meghan. It is also possible that neither makes an appearance.

If either Harry or Meghan, 41, visit the UK for the ceremony, it is understood that their visit would be ‘brief.’

‘They do not have any insight,’ a friend said of their looming decision. ‘They’ll cross that bridge when they come to it.’

Meanwhile, insisters told yesterday how Meghan has been left ‘upset and overwhelmed’ for the past few days at how she and Harry are depicted in an episode of South Park.

The episode, titled ‘World Privacy Tour’ pokes fun at the couple’s grievances, while Meghan is introduced cuttingly as a ‘sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim,’ by another character.

The satirical series ridiculed the couple’s demands for privacy while on a publicity blitz for the prince’s autobiography ‘Waaaah’ – a dig at Harry’s recent memoir Spare – in last week’s brutal episode.

According to a source in California, Meghan spent the last few days ‘upset and overwhelmed’ over how she was portrayed. The source told The Spectator that the Duchess of Sussex ‘is annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all.’

Earlier today, a royal commentator said Harry and Meghan’s lawyers are ‘casting an eye’ over South Park.

The South Park episode, titled ‘World Privacy Tour’ pokes fun at Harry and Meghan’s grievances, while Meghan is introduced as a ‘sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim’

Insiders claim Meghan Markle has been left ‘upset and overwhelmed’ for the past few days at how she and Prince Harry are depicted in an episode of South Park

It has also been suggested the broadcast may have ‘legal ramifications’ with the Sussexes’ lawyers.

Royal commentator Neil Sean told Fox News that representatives for the pair are now watching the series closely for any more attacks.

He said: ‘According to sources close to the ex-Royals, it appears that, like so many things with Meghan and Harry, this may have legal ramifications attached.

‘Their legal team are casting an eye over the episode to see what is wrong, and what could be turned into something more sinister.’

Mr Sean added that the makers of South Park have, as yet, received no legal correspondence. 

The prince and princess are seen deciding to flee Canada after ‘bashing’ the monarchy

Kate and Meghan at Trooping the Colour in 2018. Meghan’s pink dress and white hat combo is identical to that of the ‘Princess of Canada’ in the latest South Park episode 

READ MORE: South Park savages Meghan and Harry as ‘dumb and stupid’ Prince and Princess who scream ‘we want privacy’ during tour promoting his book ‘Waaagh’ (and even mentions his frostbitten blue penis) 


Last week’s episode depicted the ‘Prince and Princess of Canada – a young royal couple who loudly beg for privacy while drawing attention to themselves. 

The red-headed prince and his wife, who wears the same pink outfit that Meghan wore for Trooping the Colour in 2018, are seen promoting the prince’s book – Waaagh – the cover of which strongly resembles Harry’s memoir Spare. 

The episode is filled with swipes at the Sussexes, with main character Stan branding their cartoon equivalents the ‘dumb prince and his stupid wife’, while Kyle complains about the private jet parked outside their home. 

The show opens with Kyle’s younger brother Ike, adopted from Canada, inconsolable at the news that the Queen of Canada – who resembles the late Queen Elizabeth II – is dead.

The Prince and Princess of Canada are seen at a large state funeral, where they are booed by the rest of the royal family, accused of bashing the Canadian monarchy.

Against the backlash, the couple appear on breakfast television to demand their privacy. 

Arriving on the set of Good Morning Canada with a book to promote, the prince holds aloft a placard reading, ‘we want privacy’, while the princess’s banner reads: ‘Stop looking at us.’

The host asks whether, in reporting on the royal family for his new book, ‘Waaagh’, he has now become a journalist himself, despite hating them.

‘We just want to be normal people – all this attention is so hard,’ the prince replies.

In Paris, bemused locals look on as the couple chant: ‘We want our privacy!!’

The latest South Park aired on Comedy Central last week taking aim at Harry and Meghan

The prince and princess arrive on the set of Good Morning Canada to boos, holding placards

The couple are challenged by the host who questions how sincerely they want privacy, and the royals storm off the set. 

The couple board their private jet and embark on a worldwide ‘we want privacy’ tour – complete with dancing rainbows and a catchy theme tune.

They visit France and India where they chant their pro-privacy slogans to bemused locals – and even a field of kangaroos during a pit stop in Australia. 

Eventually they settle in the quiet town of South Park, Colorado. 

‘If we moved here, people would think we’re really serious about wanting to be normal.’

The royals clash with the locals, arriving with a drum kit and demanding privacy from neighbors. 

Kyle wakes one morning and finds the house has been covered with magazines featuring the princess. 

They include a cover strongly resembling that of The Cut magazine after it ran a cover interview with Meghan last summer.  

When Kyle confronts the royals, the princess yells: ‘He victimised me!’

The prince springs to his wife’s defence.

‘This is an outrage!’ he cries. ‘We’ll see how he deals with my blue penis!’ 

Across the street, the Prince and Princess of Canada can be seen peering through a window as Kyle takes in their handiwork 

This appears to refer to a case of frostbite detailed in Harry’s autobiography, Spare. 

The prince and princess turn to a crudely-named marketing agency for help protecting their privacy.

‘There’s this horrible spy who lives across the street from us,’ the prince explains.

The branding manager says he already has a file on the princess, which she created several years ago.

‘I have your brand already: Sorority girl, actress, influencer and victim,’ he tells her.

The prince’s brand is decided as: ‘Royal prince, millionaire, world traveler, victim.’

The prince, inside the agency, suddenly has a lightbulb moment and realises that he doesn’t want to be a brand.

‘Trying to make ourselves into a brand just turned us into products,’ the Canadian prince declares.

‘No more magazines and Netflix shows, we can just live a normal life!’

He stands to leave, and walks towards the door – but his wife remains inside the branding company.

‘Come on honey, we don’t need this place!’ he says. ‘Honey?’

The prince leaves alone. Kyle rejoins his friends, who invite him out to play. The prince then arrives, and asks if he can play too, before bringing out his drum kit.

MailOnline approached representatives of Harry and Meghan for comment. 

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