Macron sent horror warning as ‘change in balance of power’ threatens French leadership

Marine Le Pen slams 'lame duck' Emmanuel Macron

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Political scientist Olivier Rouquan has warned French politics is “heading towards uncertain times”. Mr Macron lost his parliamentary majority in the last election, falling short of a majority by 39 seats. Explaining the issues facing the French President, who is in his second term, Mr Rouquan said: “We are heading towards uncertain times.

“Due to the changes in the balance of power in Parliament, LREM lost the absolute majority after the legislative elections.

“An alliance of circumstance is taking shape but nothing says that it will last throughout the quinquennium.”

Issuing a warning to Mr Macron, he said: “We are heading towards uncertain times.

“Some majority groups will not necessarily have an interest in supporting a weakened government.”

The Government has been forced to forge alliances and make compromises in order to force legislation through.

However, Mr Rouquan warned that “to draw conclusions from the examination of these first texts would be a bit hasty”.

He added: “The beginning of the second Macron quinquennium is an equation with X unknowns.”

Speaking about the collaboration between Mr Macron’s party, en Marche, and Les Republicans (LR), Mr Rouquan said: “It is a configuration that could last, obviously it is with LR that the meeting points are the most obvious, especially on budgetary texts.”

“Will LR become an ally of the government?

“There will be an overbidding in the internal campaign of the party on this subject.”

He continued: “For the more societal texts, perhaps the Socialist Party and part of the ecologists will adopt a neutral attitude.

“The majority could benefit from a benevolent abstention on their part.”

Mr Macron’s grip on power was shaken last month, when he faced a confidence vote, requested by a leftist coalition.

Although the vote failed, it was a blow to Mr Macron’s leadership.

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The Government also had one of its first bills defeated by parliament, with opposition MPs rejecting a proposal to reinstate the Covid health pass for travellers entering France.

The law would require them to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test in the event of the emergence of a new variant.

The three main opposition parties – the far-Right National Rally (RN), the hard-Left La France Insoumise (LFI) and the Right-wing Republicains (LR) – united to defeat the minority government by 219 votes to 195, bringing into question Mr Macron’s ability to pass legislation.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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