Lukashenko ‘boots Wagner fighters out of Belarus’ in massive blow to Putin

Wagner forces train Belarusian army

Alexander Lukashenko is believed to have kicked out members of the Wagner Group out of Belarus.

The close ally of Vladimir Putin had agreed to have the mercenaries set up camp in his country after their attempted coup against the Russian leader in July.

But reports have now emerged suggesting Lukashenko refused to finance their stay in the country and the mercenaries are being “bussed” back to Russia.

According to the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, operations to remove all Wagner Group men began earlier in the month, with a second phase scheduled to take place on August 13.

The group’s moderator said the men headed for Russia are mercenaries who rejected resignation to Lybia, where the Group has been operating for years.

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The moderator said: “A source of the Cheka-OGPU said that after the meeting of PMC Wagner, everyone who did not sign up for a business trip to Libya was urgently sent on vacation to Russia.

“Right now, mercenaries in Belarus are packing their bags and going back to Russia on vacation.

“At the same time, everyone was asked to stay in touch with PMCs, since at any moment a certain command from above could follow.”

The same source later told the channel’s moderator that Lukashenko had allegedly ordered the removal of Wagner men from Belarusian territory because he would not cover their expenses.

Instead, Putin’s ally had reportedly believed Moscow would fork out the necessary cash to financially support the mercenaries.

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The channel added: “A source of the Cheka-OGPU told his version of why the fighters of PMC Wagner are leaving Belarus en masse.

“According to him, Alexander Lukashenko refused to participate in the financing of PMCs, but, on the contrary, he expected that such financing would come from the Russian Federation.

“In this regard, most of those fighters who were in Belarus and did not fly on a business trip to Libya were sent on indefinite leave to wait for ‘new tasks.’ A small group of instructors will remain in Belarus.

“According to the interlocutor, at the moment the PMC attracts fighters only for specific ‘business trips’.”

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