Lotto winner blew £17m jackpot on yacht, nightclub and pub, blaming it on others

A part-time cinema worker who bagged an enormous amount of cash on the lottery blew the lot with poorly-informed choices.

Sherif Girgis was 23 when he scooped up £17million jackpot in an Australian lottery in 2007.

He’s since successfully sued the bloke he said gave him the bad advice, who told him at the time that his recommendations were sound.

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He dropped one and a half million quid on a nightclub and grabbed an 80-foot yacht for £500,000.

He spent £750,000 on doing up a pub, but the venture didn’t go well, leaking £600,000 over the next three years.

When the dust settled on the spending spree he was a whopping £14million down.

He sought £1.9million against former city councillor Russell Poliwka in 2014 and five years later, in 2019, he was awarded £1.12million via the supreme court.

Since he won his lawsuit against Poliwka, Girgis has dropped off the radar and little has been heard since.

Elsewhere in the remarkable world of lottery wins, a woman thought her husband was having her on after he won £400,000 – having spent £80 on scratch cards.

The Louisville man told Kentucky Lottery officials he had put the wad of tickets in a birthday card for his wife and handed them over as a gift.

She is understood to have been in disbelief when one of the $20 Wild Numbers 100X ticket was a $500,000 winner.

The man said: "She comes walking in the living room and she says, 'Please tell me you didn't give me a joke card.' I said, 'What?' She said it again and I said, 'Babe, I don't joke about money'".

"She says, 'I need you to look at this.' She showed it to me. I was stunned. I looked at it again and I said, 'Yeah, this is unbelievable.'"

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