LGBTQ influencer condemns sleazy nude antics at Pride parades

LGBTQ influencer condemns sleazy nude antics of some marchers at Pride parades and says ‘Like, since when is that okay sis? Because it’s not!

  • Instagram model AJ Sanchez said some antics at Pride parades were ‘not okay’
  • He condemned sleazy revelers baring all with children present 
  • It comes as some Pride events sparked controversy this month, with one group of New York City drag queens warning they are ‘coming for your children’

An LGBTQ influencer has condemned the sleazy antics seen at Pride parades across the country, slamming some revelers for baring all in front of children.  

Instagram model AJ Sanchez took to TikTok to share his views on shameless Pride events, adding that ‘if a straight person said that’ they would be cancelled. 

‘Can someone explain to me why I’m seeing all these Pride videos, people in the streets acting like they ain’t got no f****** home training?’ he said in the video. 

‘I see boo-chichis all out on display for everyone to see. Middle of New York, broad daylight, minors present. Like, since when is that okay, sis? Because it’s not.’

His remarks came as some Pride parades sparked controversy this month, with one group of drag queens in New York City seen chanting: ‘We’re coming for your children’. 

Instagram model AJ Sanchez slammed Pride parade antics and said LGBTQ folk should ‘do better’ 

Thank you for sharing this important message @AJ 🙏🏽 Gay pride is not about acting like trash. Do better! #equality #humanrights #pride2023🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #fyyy

Sanchez spoke out after feeling some Pride supporters crossed the line this month when parades sprung out across America, feeling many were ‘doing too much’.

He added that he felt safer sharing his views because he is a member of the LGBT community, because ‘if a straight person says that, you are going to say the homophobic this and the third.’ 

‘And it’s like, no, boo, you’re just doing the most. And it’s really not cute,’ he continued. 

‘And b**** don’t get it twisted, on a scale of one to classy, I’m not given a royal family by any means. 

‘Like, I love to turn up, shake some a** and have a good time, but b****, time and place – and that was not it.’ 

Sanchez continued by recalling one particular moment at a parade this year that left him questioning how appropriate the event was.

‘When I tell you I saw this chick, practically nothing on (while) on top of a water fountain and water spraying all up in her cookies, nookies and crannies. 

‘I’m just wondering what type of antibiotic that doctors gonna prescribe for all that. People hanging from streetlights, hooking up on the side of the road. 

‘What in the land before time Neanderthal behavior? Raggedy is the word for it.’

Some of the antics seen at Pride parades across the country sparked controversy. Pictured: A naked man cycling through a parade wearing nothing but a helmet 

Sanchez particularly took issue with antics going on around children. Pictured: Two toddlers enjoy a Pride parade in Silver Spring, Maryland

Pride parades traditionally see revelers dress in colorful outfits, but some feel this year it went too far 

Sanchez concluded his tirade against the perceived lower standards of Pride parades this year by saying it makes it harder for LGBTQ people to earn respect.

‘They already don’t f*** with us like that,’ he said.

‘And this is how you want them to perceive us? Pride is an event based around acceptance and equality, not an excuse for you all to act a f****** fool. 

‘All right, y’all. As long as you guys know that that does not represent the entire LGBTQIA community. Even I’m like, what the f***? Do better.’ 

In New York, parade-goers pictured filling the streets of Manhattan on June 25, 2023

Drag queens are seen in Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park ahead of their Pride march

Drag artists speak to a child at Tompkins Square Park before the NYC parade last week

Notable figures taking part in New York City’s Pride parade included Governor Kathy Hochul, Chuck Schumer, Reverend Al Sharpton and New York Attorney General Letitia James

Most Pride parades across America went off without a hitch this month, with cities from coast to coast bursting into color and festivities. 

But some instances saw viewers such as Sanchez feel the events lost control, and the meaning behind Pride was lost amid controversy.

In Manhattan, a group of drag queens sparked fury after marching through Manhattan with a chant of: ‘We’re here, we’re queer and we’re coming for your children.’

One topless woman was seen dancing and making the chant, as others laughed and joined in, sparking revulsion online after footage of the incident quickly spread. 

And in Seattle, a man was seen riding his bike completely in the nude as he drifted through more modestly-dressed parade-goers.

Video of the incident was met with a wave of backlash online, with many viewers disapproving of the number of children around the naked cyclist. 

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