Lamborghini driver makes desperate plea to cops as £168k supercar is seized

A driver of one of the most expensive cars on the UK's roads has been left with no option but to beg police after it was seized.

The £168k Lamborghini Huracan was spotted by police in Birmingham.

But it wasn't seized because the driver was speeding or committing an on-the-road crime – it turns out the expensive car was untaxed.

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And Soho Road Police took it away on the back of a truck, Birmingham Live reports.

Taking to Twitter to post about it, the force wrote: “#Untaxed #Lamborghini #Huracan seized! Driver asked to use my phone to tax the vehicle.

"Then claimed his friend had taxed it, then said he couldn’t afford to tax it. Will have to tax it and pay a fine to get it back now!"

“The driver will be forced to pay the seizure fees in order to collect the vehicle.”

The police later clarified that the cost of a year's tax on that car is “less than the fine and recovery fees”.

News of the seizure went down well on social media.

One person said the car was just an “overpriced Audi”, while another urged the force to “crush” the car.

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Another tweeted: “Talk about priorities. I'm going to guess that the tank is on fumes and the maintenance isn't up to snuff either if they can't even afford the tax.

And another wrote: “It makes me laugh, got a nice car but can't be bothered to tax it. It's a shame you can't crush it!!”

According to West Midlands Police, the bloke can only reclaim his car from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4pm, and he will have to go to the police station to do so – as long as a very specific form is filled out and the appropriate fine is paid.

The identity of the man is unknown.

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