Labour's Sadiq Khan demands Britain re-joins EU single market | The Sun

LABOUR was plunged into a fresh Remoaner row last night as Sadiq Khan demanded Britain rejoin the EU trade club.

The London Mayor said Labour boss Sir Keir Starmer should lead the charge back into the single market which the UK quit at the end of 2020.

And he called Brexit “the biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever”.

Sir Keir, desperate to shake his Europhile past, slapped down Mr Khan.

He insisted: “There’s no case for returning to the EU or to the single market.”

Asked by LBC’s James O’Brien if Labour should “agitate” for membership, Mr Khan said: “I believe we should. Spot on.”

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But he stressed he was not speaking for the Labour Party.

Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith told The Sun: "To hear senior Labour politicians calling for us to rejoin the single market is no surprise.

"Like Monty Python's Black Knight, Labour will never give up its mission to take us back into the EU despite the British people delivering 17.4 million flesh wounds."

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