‘Killer whale’ stuns Brits as it’s spotted stalking beachgoers during heatwave

What is thought may be a killer whale has been spotted swimming in UK waters during the recent heatwave.

Photographer David Silcock snapped the beast lurking in the shallows on Friday (July 22) while walking near to Criccieth Bay, Wales.

The picture of the killer whale, also known as an orca, was posted to Facebook page Criccieth Life alongside the caption: "Is this an Orca in the Bay off Criccieth Beach?"

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Locals debated whether or not it was a killer whale in the comments section, with many agreeing but others suggesting it could be a dolphin.

David told North Wales Live: "I saw it from the viewing point where the cars etc stop off the main road on the hill behind Dylan's (restaurant) looking towards the castle. I saw it in the bay, towards Black Rock from Dylan's.

"It was definitely bigger than a dolphin but I was that busy trying to judge when and where it would surface and so I didn't take as good a look as I could. I drove down from the viewing point and took the photo from the beach in front of Dylan's.

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"It just moved diving and resurfacing from Black Rock and went past the castle. I've previously seen dolphins and either last year or the year before I saw what I thought were three or four dolphins, these were later confirmed as bottlenose whales."

Criccieth Life said that Sea Watch Foundation are looking into the sighting that could "possibly just [be] a dolphin with a larger thinner dorsal".

Sea Watch Foundation said: "We believe it is either a bottlenose dolphin or Risso's dolphin."

A vast variety of species of dolphin, shark and other fish visit North Wales waters including Basking sharks, Smooth hounds and Mako sharks.

They come all the way from the deeper waters in the Atlantic to feed on crab and fish.


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