Killer on the run after jailbreak ‘found floating dead in river following chase’

An escaped murderer who went on the run after a jailbreak has been found floating dead in a river after a five-day police chase.

Bradley Gillespie, 50, had been stuck behind bars for a murder he committed back in 2016 but found himself back on the outside after an escape plan.

Aided by James Lee, a fellow criminal serving sentences for burglary and safecracking charges, Gillespie was broken out of his cell at the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio, last Tuesday.

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The 50-year-old lag has since been found dead, floating in the Ohio River and officers believe the murderer had been laying dead for days.

Upon busting out of prison, Gillespie and Lee commandeered a stolen vehicle which prompted police pursuit until the escapee pair crashed their car.

Both men then fled on foot, with Lee arrested at the scene of the getaway while Gillespie made off, prompting a wide search for the convict.

Police confirmed his body had been found in the Ohio River after reports from a boater were sent in to police, who later identified Gillespie, whose body had deteriorated somewhat in the waters, New York Post reported.

Henderson Police Department Chief Sean McKinney said police had responded to the call, which was near to Gillespie's last known whereabouts.

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Chief McKinney further said officers were satisfied with the closure to their five-day manhunt for Gillespie, with an autopsy now set to be carried out.

The Chief said: "A preliminary investigation indicates we recovered the body of Bradley Gillespie from the river."

An autopsy will now confirm Gillespie's cause of death as officers admitted they had no idea how long the body had been in the water, and how long he had been dead.

McKinney noted, however, the amount of decomposition on the body would suggest he had been dead in the river for at least four days.

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