Kate Middleton ‘needs to stock up on more Zara work tops to save the monarchy’

Kate Middleton, has been told that she needs to “top up on more work tops” in order to save a besieged monarchy.

The Royal Family's popularity has plummeted in recent years in the wake of several tell-all interviews, books and Netflix documentaries from Prince Harry as well as scandals surrounding Prince Andrew.

There have also been regular calls from many on the hard-left side of British politics to abolish the Royal Family altogether.

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A recent appearance by King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla in Colchester saw a small section of protests proclaim that the former was “not my king”.

However, it has appeared as if Prince William and Kate Middleton have bucked that trend and become the shining lights of the monarchy.

But expert and critic Daniela Elser has said that getting the Princess of Wales out even more into the public eye could be the solution.

Writing for news.com.au, she said: “This period is meant to be His Majesty’s honeymoon period with the British public, a time when their curiosity about the new bloke in charge, combined with lingering, leftover affection for his ever-dutiful, hard-working mum, tides him over and sees the people give him the benefit of the doubt.

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“The family business of Monarchy Inc. is at a particularly precarious point right now

“Something is going to need to be done to arrest the downward slide in support in the months and years to come; to ensure the number of protesters who turn up at royal engagements are far outnumbered by flag-waving masses and to ensure that Camilla never has to find out what churrasco is.

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“And something tells me that is very likely going to involve Kate having to stock up on a lot more work tops.”

She went on to praise Princess Kate for her “wardrobe full of Zara tops” as being one of the reasons why around 60% of Brits want to keep the monarchy, a recent YouGov poll showed.

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