Inside UK’s biggest pub with bowling alley and slide where every pint is over £6

The UK's largest pub officially opened in London's Waterloo station this week (August 18) and it's as impressive as it is expensive – and it's ridiculously expensive.

Brewdog's new 26,500sq ft bar is spread over two floors and is just as brash and ostentatious as you'd expect the flagship bar of a company that claims to be a 'disrupter', without actually disrupting, to be.

With over 60 craft beers on tap (all of which cost more than £6) and a large menu comprising of American classics, it's clear Brewdog is trying to target the flashy after-work crew with this station haunt.

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When you're not eating, customers are encouraged to take advantage of some of the other kooky features of the bar including a bowling alley, ping pong tables and photo booth.

Should the mood take you, you can even pick up ice cream from an actual ice cream truck.

You could truly spend a fantastic evening at the bar but, with the cost of living crisis biting, would you want to or even be able to afford it?

We sent our reporter down to find out.

In terms of pubs, I'm a bit of a misanthrope in that I like them as grim and unpretentious as possible.

It's a weird kink certainly, but it's mine.

It's for this reason I've always been innately distrustful of Brewdog – seeing it as a clean and flashy brand that loves to tell everyone how 'punky' and 'disruptive' it's being without ever demonstrating it.

Still, on walking into the new Waterloo site, I have to say I was impressed, it's truly massive and they clearly have thought of everything.

There's probably nothing you couldn't do here from parlour games to work meetings – the place even has a fine dining area complete with a TV showing a roaring log fire!

Upon arrival, we were offered a complimentary glass of Trainspotting lager, a new beer that will only be brewed on site.

As we sipped the admittedly tasty drink we were told that it was painstakingly made with yeast from Tesco's leftover bread – an interesting if not disgusting nugget of information that we crucially hadn't asked for.

Then again, that's just classic Brewdog, the company equivalent of a boy racer revving his souped-up Vauxhall Corsa in a McDonald's car park.

Next, it was onto the food with a menu comprising of loaded burgers, wings and pizza.

We ordered a wide array of food and sat down to munch and, bar the driest chicken I'd ever eaten, it was perfectly fine – however, there was sadly another catch.

The price was frankly outrageous with all the burgers costing in the region of £13-£15 without chips.

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I don't know about you, but considering the state of the economy, I really can't abide spending the best part of £20 on a chipless burger that's only exceptional because it brags it is on the menu.

After we'd eaten we had a little explore around the cavernous bar – a gimmick safari if you will!

We had a go on the slide (I hit my head and I'm fairly sure I won't be the last), we had an ice cream, we watched people play Ping Pong, we used the complementary toilet deodorant – it was all very enjoyable.

However, among the excitable bonhomie of the launch event, nagging doubts about the place still remained.

How does this new site set itself apart from all of London's other thoroughly detestable and overpriced rooftop event bars?

Unfortunately dear reader, I don't think it does.

Would I arrange to meet friends here for an evening? No, I don't think I would.

Would I meet my friends here for a drink on the proviso that it was just one and we'd then go somewhere cheap to shout at Sky Sports?

Yes, albeit reluctantly.

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