Inside abandoned ‘foul-smelling’ mortuary that held ‘thousands of lost souls’

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  • A long-abandoned mortuary, which once held hundreds of dead bodies, was discovered and subsequently investigated by an explorer.

    Eerie images deep inside the mortuary were taken by Matt Scott, 25, who presented the haunting sightings through a series of photos from the property.

    Accidentally coming across the abandoned building in Abergele, North Wales, Matt headed on inside to find the property had been more ore less left untouched since it was closed over two decades ago.

    Matt, while sharing the photos to his Facebook group, Lost Places and Forgotten Faces, has since shown off the horrifying property, with the eerie spots throughout the Welsh mortuary having a “foul smell” lingering within.

    Most likely from the dead bodies once trapped in the tiny rooms.

    1. ‘Coldness’ of eerie former mortuary left bloke ‘shocked’

      Matt said: "After taking a scenic stroll through the Welsh woodland, I spotted a small, creepy building hiding in the trees.

      "I was shocked at what I had found.

      "There was a strange feeling of coldness – it was unquestionably eerie. It had a very foul smell – the amount of dead bodies that tiny room must have seen was very evident in the odour."

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    2. ‘Lost souls’ trapped inside building closed in 2000

      He continued: "I got the feeling that there were thousands of lost souls still trapped inside, looking for peace in a morgue that’s been abandoned for more than two decades."

      Matt’s venture inside the mortuary, which was closed in 2000, uncovered the deserted building which was once used for thousands of funeral preparations.

      Grim findings inside the property seemed inevitable.

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    3. Hundreds of dead bodies and abandoned paperwork

      Matt was left dealing with the "foul smell" of the building, and with horrifying rooms like this, it is no surprise.

      The Abergele-based former mortuary has been abandoned for two decades and once held hundreds of dead bodies.

      Old paperwork and coroners reports were found within the building.

      (Image: LostPlaces&ForgottenFaces / SWNS)3 of 8

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    4. Those "thousands of lost souls" Matt claimed were still in the building must have been struggling for room in the claustrophobic-looking meeting rooms.

      Untouched for over two decades, furniture and religious rooms were seen by Matt, who documented the unsightly horrors.

      The building has been completely deserted since 2000.

      (Image: LostPlaces&ForgottenFaces / SWNS)4 of 8

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    1. Cold slabs housed thousands of bodies while operating

      Matt thankfully did not stumble onto any bodies during his trip around the abandoned facility.

      He did say however there were fridges and slabs still inside which were used as a way of dissecting and storing bodies.

      Post-mortem slabs like the one pictured here showcased those grim "lost souls" and their final resting place.

      (Image: LostPlaces&ForgottenFaces / SWNS)5 of 8

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    2. ‘Sad and very creepy’ tour of the mortuary provided sinister reminder

      Sinister rooms in the mortuary were inevitable, but Matt spoke of his horror at finding some "very creepy" items which reminded him of "what awaits us all".

      He said: "The idea of visiting an abandoned morgue is both sad and very creepy."

      Among the found items were post-mortem documents, paperwork and death certificates, with dates reaching back to the mid-1980s.

      (Image: LostPlaces&ForgottenFaces / SWNS)6 of 8

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    3. ‘Thought provoking’ trip around abandoned mortuary was ‘sad reminder’

      Matt’s venture into and around the mortuary provided him a horrible realisation though, triggered by what he found inside.

      He said: "What an incredibly thought provoking place this was, and a sad reminder of what awaits us all one day."

      Always look on the bright side though, at least the grim sights within this abandoned mortuary were not the last.

      (Image: LostPlaces&ForgottenFaces / SWNS)7 of 8

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    4. Under construction rooms show mortuary frozen in time

      It was not just "lost souls" and eerie reminders of life’s mortality which struck Matt, though.

      An image of the mortuary showed parts of it were under construction, with the frozen in time repairs left for over two decades.

      Workers presumably downed tools and never returned to the property, which has since been explored by a daring urban explorer.

      (Image: LostPlaces&ForgottenFaces / SWNS)8 of 8

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