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A MASSIVE 52-room castle with a giant swimming pool and a ballroom has been abandoned for decades after its owner went rogue.

The 20th-century castle, located in the Polish village of Lapalice, near Gdansk was left to crumble before it was even completed.

The property was meant to be a studio for artist Piotr Kazimierczak but it ended up being a huge estate boasting impressive features such as a ballroom and 12 towers, dedicated to the twelve Apostles.

The castle also has 365 windows symbolising the total number of days in a year.

Its construction began in 1979 but despite his planning, the artist could not complete his glorious castle.

Even though he received a building permit for a single-family house with a studio, the artist expanded the property to nearly 54,000 square feet.

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In 1991 construction was halted when officials discovered the artist had no permission for the building.

Kazimierczak was forced to abandon his dream home, as he ran out of funds, leaving the castle unfinished.

He later submitted new applications but were rejected.

The castle still stands today but its walls are on the brink of collapsing and its interior is covered in graffiti.

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Visitors are warned to enter at their own risk.

However Kazimierczak said in 2017, he is still fighting for his castle and does not want to see it demolished.

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