Indian rocket makes successful landing on moon

India has made history as its Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) managed a successful landing on the moon’s south pole.

The lander, Chandrayaan-3 touched down shortly after 1.30pm BST (6pm Indian time) following a descent that lasted approximately half an hour.

Many rejoiced in India as Chandrayaan-3 made its landing, welcoming what Prime Minister Narendra Modi had previously described as a “new chapter in India’s space odyssey” that would elevate “the dreams and ambitions of every Indian”.

The lander arrived on the moon’s lesser-known side after a journey lasting nearly six weeks.

Launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on July 14, Chandrayaan-3 is set to remain functional for just about two weeks following the landing. 

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During this period, the unmanned vehicle will run a series of tests to determine the mineral composition of the moon’s surface. 

Most of the work will be done by a 26-kilogram rover named Pragyaan, the Sanskrit word for wisdom.

This mission isn’t important just for India but also for the world as a whole, as it will investigate the existence of frozen water in craters located on the lunar south pole. 

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This could be a new source of fuel, oxygen and drinking water and widen the possibility of creating a base on Earth’s satellite. 

The rover could also provide incredible insight into past lunar volcanoes and the origins of our own oceans. 

Only the US, China and the Soviet Union have so far been able to land on the moon.  

But between this year and 2024, traffic around the satellite is expected to be quite intense.

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