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A MUM is being kicked out of her home by her own daughter after a bitter fight – and now she's taking her to court.

Norma Gibbons, 82, signed over her property to daughter Dawn for "inheritance tax reasons" in 2004.

But after a six-year feud, Norma faces being thrown out of her three-bed south London home.

The £1.4m property in Earlsfield is converted into an upstairs and downstairs flat.

Norma, who's lived upstairs for 40 years, argues she wouldn't have signed over the flat if she thought her daughter would give her the boot.

Dawn, 52, says she severed ties with her mum after she became a parent herself.


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She said after being repeatedly refused access to the Norma's flat over a series of concerns about a water leak, she has no choice.

In kicking her mum out, Dawn believes she'll get access to repair whatever damage there is.

Claiming her and her daughter are "in danger", Dawn told the judge: "I have served her a number of orders which she has ripped up and thrown into the garden.

"I need my builder in there to survey what damage there is and what repairs need doing.

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"Water is coming through my ceiling. I have mildew. The damage is unrepairable, I have to have access to upstairs.

"I am seeking possession because the defendant has continued to ignore orders of the court.

"I have been trying since 2017 – from friends to family, police, through the courts, through environmental services.

"The electricity is failing in my home. My daughter and I are in danger.

"I have pleaded with the defendant. What more can I do?"

Norma's solicitor Lara Simak said the leak has already been repaired and access wasn't refused.

Ms Simak added: "When transferring the property into her daughter's name, she had an expectation to live there for the rest of her life.

"Certainly, she didn't expect to be kicked out of her flat by her daughter, otherwise she wouldn't have transferred it."

Judge Richard Roberts said the case would need to go to trial in a few months.

He added Norma must be allowed to stay in her home until then and allow her daughter to access it for repair work.

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The pair appeared at Central London County Court over the dispute.

A trial date hasn't been set yet.

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