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A SO-CALLED time traveller from 2049 has bizarrely claimed that he knows the exact date World War 3 will begin – but not before something terrible happens first

The TikTok user TrevorTheTimeTraveler has racked up over 700 followers for posting his wild theories about supposed future events.

In one of his latest videos, he has bizarrely claimed that “something very big will happen” on three dates leading up to 2037.

The first event is supposedly going to happen next year.

In the clip, Trevor wrote: “Here are 3 date that something terrible is going to happen.

“Remember this date 2/21/2024 Something very big will happen”.


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He does not delve into the ominous message any further but moves straight onto the next supposed event.

“29/5/2030 A third world war will start Lasting 7 years between the north and the south”.

He then reveals the mind-boggling event that is predicted to take place in 2037.

“The war ends and second baby boom happens growing the population too high,” he wrote.

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But not everyone was convinced of Trevor’s wild claims.

One user commented: “Yeah, and I am the Easter bunny”.

Another said: “war between north and south? Are we doing a redo of the civil war now? That’s not very specific”.

A third wrote: “All predictions are totally false”.

Yet some believed the bonkers predictions could happen.

One joked: “I just travelled to the future. For once the predictions are true”.

A second added: “Wow are you a psychic”.

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