I visited UK's 'poshest Greggs' and it was a major let down – the food was inedible & took twice as long to arrive | The Sun

SAUSAGE roll connoisseurs have told how they were left extremely disappointed after visiting the UK's poshest Greggs in Suffolk.

Customers who flocked to the bakery's Bury St Edmund’s boujie branch claimed they couldn't even stomach their food.

The unconventional Greggs situated in a Grade II listed property dating back to the 17th century features grand wooden arches and a brown and cream sign to match.

But furious foodies have hit out at the flashy store, saying the chic furnishings don't make up for their "inedible" products.

The high-class take on the high street bakery, situated on a charming cobbled street, has been given a slating by pastry lovers.

Punters said the gourmet Greggs was a "step backward", thanks to its ineffective queuing system and "dirty" facilities.


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Another warned customers to expect "stomach problems" after claiming to have chowed down on a dodgy croissant.

Fans took to TripAdvisor to air their grievances with the fancy branch of the British bakery chain and left a series of scathing reviews.

One fumed: "My overriding impression is how dirty it was.

"The floor was strewn with bits, paper napkins and fragments of food, there was a member of staff who cleared the trays off tables.

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"It is, of course, the customers who have created this mess.

"But management and staff must take responsibility to provide customers with a hygienic and respectable environment, this was clearly not my experience today."

Another echoed the complaint, saying it's "always so grubby" despite its stunning refurbishment.

One diner also claimed to have discovered the third time isn't the charm when trying out Gregg's croissant.

They wrote: "Inedible! Raw dough in the middle would be sure to give you stomach problems.

"If they get it wrong 3 times…they obviously think this is how they should be baked! Awful! Won't be going again."

It seems a large number of customers expecting posh nosh from the upscale establishment were drastically underwhelmed.

But some who just wanted to grab a simple snack say the Bury St Edmund's branch can't even manage the basics of customer service.

One complained: "The new "unconventional" look Greggs which are cropping up are a step backwards!

"One queue for eating in or takeaway, (twice the wait) small tray for everything, and no more plates, eat off a piece of paper when eating in. Even the dining tables are smaller!

"Food still good, but not the unconventional service and seating.


"This is Greggs, not McDonald's,KFC or Burger King! Or are they just becoming another fast food outlet?"

Others even dubbed the branch "Greggs Dregs" after branding the food "poor" and describing the toilets as a "proverbial cesspit."

But not everyone had the same anti-climatic experience while taking a trip to the swanky store.

One diner explained the UK's poshest Greggs had become their "usual lunch base" anytime they take a trip into town.

"All the food in Greggs is very enjoyable, the staff are very friendly and helpful and since it has been renovated service has become much quicker than the long queues of old," they said.

"A well-recommended stop off for that quick lunch."

Another Greggs fan said: "This is the most stylish Gregs I've ever seen! The staff were lovely and the tables nice and clean.

"I just ordered a sandwich, but my friend had a sandwich and a curry slice! The cakes looked great too! Good honest food at reasonable prices."

Brits have even compared the Bury St Edmunds branch to "something out of Harry Potter and nicknamed it the "Greggernaut".

But this branch isn't the bakery's first attempt at going high-class – in 2018 bosses at the bakery opened an “undercover” stall called Gregory & Gregory to fool customers at a gourmet food festival.

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Greggs also have a string of unconventional stores in areas of the UK such as Edinburgh, Peterborough,West Bromwich and Basildon.

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