I thought I was buying a cute tiny bunny but she turned into a GIANT – she just never stopped growing | The Sun

A WOMANwas stunned when her pet rabbit grew to be "the size of a dog".

Natalya Wells – from Nebraska- thought she was buying a small, low maintenance rabbit and never expected it would end up growing into a huge beast.

Natalya bought Honey when she was just 8 weeks old and she was the size of a regular rabbit.

She explained the situation in a Tiktok video which has since been viewed more than 24 million times.

The video was captioned: "I thought I was getting a cute and tiny bunny, and ended up getting a rabbit the size of a dog" and showed the rabbit as a baby and then full grown.

One viewer commented: "I think I’d end up being scared of it" and another agreed and asked: "Are you not scared to have that as a pet? I would be terrified".

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A third joked "I didn't know you could buy a giraffe", and many requested more videos of the creature.

Following this Natalya posted another video in which she revealed that Honey is a Flemish giant – the largest breed of rabbit in the world.

She added that Honey is not her only giant pet, she also has another huge rabbit called Lola who she bought at the same time – although Honey is the bigger of the two.

The rabbits are "bonded" together and in other videos can be seen snuggled up in their hutch.

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The two are a mismatched pair, as honey is a light orange colour with a white fluffy tail and Lola is the same colour as a wild rabbit.

Despite these animals looking like the perfect pet Natayla warned others: "Raising a Flemish Giant is not for the weak,

"It's a huge commitment so please don't just purchase one because they are soft and cute".

The owner regularly delights her followers with videos of her rabbits and recently posted a video of Honey running around outside.

One praised her and said: "I love the responsible management here with the dog. It’s clear you love your pets".

The giant breed originated in Belgium where it was bred for it's meat and it's fur but have since become popular pets known for their docile and laid-back nature.

This is not the first time pet owner's have been left baffled at what their animal has grown into.

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