I moved into my very normal SUV and now I live rent free – with my clever packing there’s even enough room for my dog | The Sun

THIS adventurous woman has moved into her car rent free – and thanks to her clever method, there's enough room for a bed and her dog.

Bri Walston left her old life behind and opted for a home on wheels, meaning she pays nothing for rent and gets to see the world.

The nomad documents her life on TikTok, and recently provided a glimpse into her renovated SUV.

She said: "This is my pantry, this is my stove, and this is where I cook.

"To give you an idea of how much space there is, this is my cargo box, where I keep all of my outdoor gear."

By keeping the majority of her belongings in the box on the roof, Bri has enough room to sleep comfortably in the vehicle with her pooch.



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In the passenger seat, she stores her camera, backpack, toiletries and fanny pack – keeping the essentials within reach, while tucking her clothes in drawers behind the driver's seat.

Bri shimmied between other vehicles in the parking lot, joking: "Man, these property lines are tight around here!"

In total, the savvy spender only spent £18,800 on her Subaru Forester, £820 for the cargo hatch and £164 for her backseat conversion.

And living rent free means practically zero spent on anything except gas and food.

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And she said the best part is she gets to travel around with her beloved dog: "She deserves to see the world, sniff all the tree trunks that have been peed on by other dogs, grab as many sticks along trails as she wants, swim in random lakes, and go potty with a view, too.

"Her backyard is anywhere we go."

The real reason Bri looked into moving into vans is due to past trauma, she revealed.

She said: "I knew it was time to make my life mine, and experience the world the way that I wanted to.

"Free, unplanned, spontaneous, chaotic, exciting, romantic and full of love. The best way that I knew how to do this was by doing it on the road full time."

And she' recently upgraded from her Subaru forester to a larger white van, fit with built in storage, a desk and a stove top to cook on – something she calls "quite the upgrade".

Bri isn't the only person who's opted to live life out of a van to save money and go on adventures – Liam Day lives full time with his wife in a camper van.

It comes after a woman who lives in a converted van with her partner revealed how they're able to live a lifestyle spending hardly any money.

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