Horror 30ft sea monster that looks like cross between shark and T.Rex found

The fossil of an enormous, terrifying 30ft sea monster has been discovered that looks like a cross between a komodo dragon, a great white shark and a T.Rex.

The terrifying beast has been given the name Thalassotitan atrox, which means dreadful titan of the sea.

It was an apex predator, meaning it was at the top of the food chain, dominating the oceans it swam in.

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Researchers from the University of Bristol found the 66million-year-old sea beast near Casablanca in Morocco.

The scientists think the beast’s fossil is from a period shortly before the doomsday meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs hit.

Thalassotitan had five-foot-long skulls and teeth similar in shape to a killer whale.

These gruesome gnashers made it easier for the killer to rip apart its prey.

Along with the fossil of the monster itself, the researchers also think they might have found the fossils of its dinner, with the remains of other creatures found in the same pit.

As well as the main find itself, they also came across a 1.6ft plesiosaur head as well as bits of other sea lizards.

The bits of bones had acid erosion on them – as if they had been at least partially digested – while the Thalassotitan atrox’s teeth appeared to be worn down by chewing.

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The Bristol team reckon the animals were eaten by the apex-predator and then their bones were spat out.

Dr Nick Longrich, senior lecturer from the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath, told theTelegraph: “It’s circumstantial evidence.

“We can’t say for certain which species of animal ate all these other mosasaurs. But we have the bones of marine reptiles killed and eaten by a large predator.

“And in the same location, we find Thalassotitan, a species that fits the profile of the killer – it’s a mosasaur specialised to prey on other marine reptiles. That’s probably not a coincidence.”

Mosasaurs were huge water-based lizards and not actually dinosaurs. They are distant relations to today’s iguanas and monitor lizards.

The study’s leader, Longrich added: “Thalassotitan was an amazing, terrifying animal.

“Imagine a Komodo Dragon crossed with a great white shark crossed with a T. Rex, crossed with a killer whale.”

The new findings have been published in Cretaceous Research.


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