Holiday hotspots set to bake as mercury reads ’16C warmer than 30-year average’

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    Brits heading to southern Europe next weekend can expect more of a pounding from the scorching sun as the soaring temperatures in that part of the world show no sign of coming to an end.

    Charts showing predictions of the predicted temperatures 1.5km above sea level compared with what are considered normal, based on a 30-year average, show swathes of red, suggesting it’s likely to be much hotter than normal for this time of year – with some predictions that it could be 16C hotter than normal.

    Southern France, Italy and Spain are among the places likely to be hardest hit in the ongoing heatwave.

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    Large parts of Europe are already struggling under the sweltering heat, with the hottest temperature yet to be recorded in the region expected to be reached in a matter of days.

    There have already been reports of deaths and injuries caused by the heat, and it’s expected that the temperature in the south of the continent could soon hit a staggering 48C.

    The hot weather has moved in from the Sahara via an anticyclone.

    Wildfires have taken hold in Croatia, red alerts have been issued in Italy, and Spain is on standby for its own alerts during the course of next week. People in Greece have also been struggling during the soaring temperatures.

    Brits planning to jet off for their hols have been urged to take particular care in the heat, with many popular destinations set to be among those places where records could be smashed.

    The stonking heatwave engulfing Europe has been named Cerberus by weather forecasters. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a three-headed dog that guarded the gates of hell, and the fearsome beast also featured in Dante’s Inferno.

    But it’s not just in Europe where temperatures are hitting fresh highs. In the United States, tourists have been flocking to Devil Valley National Park, where it’s predicted that a remarkable 55C could be recorded this weekend.

    And back here in the UK, there have been predictions that we could soon have a repeat of the fatal heatwave that hit the country last summer.

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