Heartless dog owner ‘chains puppy up and starves him so he wouldn’t poo’

A heartless dog owner was found starving a "completely traumatised" chained puppy to death, according to an animal charity.

The five-month-old pooch was being denied food so he wouldn't poo and wee.

He was covered in sores and yelped and cowered in fear when found underneath a wheelbarrow in a construction site.

An animal charity boss who rescued him said his chain was so tight he had wounds around his neck and was unable to lay his head down.

Jasmin Johnson, co-founder of Compassionate Paws International, found Mangosteen while treating dogs in West Freetown, Sierra Leone.

She said: "Mango was a five-month-old puppy and unless trained, puppies will not know how and where to defecate or urinate. So rather than train him, his owner just chained him up and never fed him, so there would be no excrements.

"There is no question in my mind that if Mango had been left there longer, he would have died. His spirit was already broken when I got him. He was completely traumatised.

"The owner picked Mangosteen off the street about a month ago so we suspect he’d be chained up for the whole of that time.

"He had wounds around his neck caused by the tight chain – so tight he couldn't lay his head down…

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"He had sores all over his feet and body. Skin issues. He had so many wounds that he was completely painted in purple iodine. That's why I named him Mangosteen, a purple tropical fruit."

She added: "It was a Sunday afternoon in late June 2020.

“We go around the community and treat any untreated dogs. That's when we found Mango chained under a wheelbarrow, inside a compound that was under construction.

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"Mango's owner was a man who was managing the construction. He said Mango pooed and peed everywhere, which is why he had chained him. He was under the wheelbarrow, out of sight, no water or food.

“When he was pulled out from under the wheelbarrow by the man, he yelped and cowered in fear. He was so skinny and so hungry. I knew we couldn't leave him there. So I kept talking to the man, using all kinds of tactics to get him to let Mango go with me. He didn't agree and we argued for so long. Finally, he agreed.

“I took Mango out of there and never returned. After a couple of months, we did send Dr. Bangura back there to see if he had chained any other puppies."

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Mango stayed at Jasmin's home for nearly a month before he was adopted.

Jasmin added: “The first day he came back to my house (all purple!), he just basically ate and slept. He went deep into his carrier and stayed there until he was hungry, that is the only time he would come out.

“He was silent, not like usual puppies. He only came out of his shell two weeks after he arrived and when he felt it was safe to trust again. Puppies are amazing like that. So resilient and hopeful, despite all they've been through.”

Compassionate Paws International looks to support and fund animal welfare projects in areas where resources are limited.

A spokeswoman said "we urgently need donations… the charity is only three months old and they've done a lot already".

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