Hayfever hell for millions as Brits brace for ‘weed pollen’ season

Hayfever sufferers have been warned to "be prepared" as weed pollen season is set to wreak havoc for millions across the UK.

Weed pollen season usually runs from the end of June to September and is considered worse than other types of hayfever bursts because it's harder to deal with than tree or grass pollen.

Weeds grow everywhere and they keep coming back, so experts are telling Brits the airborne nuisance is set to reach its zenith.

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"Pollen counts have been low to medium for a few weeks, but if you are a hay fever sufferer watch out and be prepared; the first high counts of the weed pollen are here," said airborne allergens expert Max Wiseberg.

He added that the main weeds are mugwort, sorrel and plantain.

"As well as high counts across England and Wales, Northern Ireland and central and southern Scotland will have their first medium counts of the season," Max added.

"And many hay fever sufferers start to experience symptoms when the count reaches 'medium'."

As pollen counts have been lower for so long, most people will probably have stopped taking their antihistamines.

However there are many practical things you can do to help reduce or prevent your symptoms.

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Max earmarked keeping pollen out of your body by using an allergen barrier balm as an obviously effective way of combatting the symptoms.

Keeping pollen off your clothes is also a good method to stay hayfever free, Max added.

"Tie your hair up and wear a hat, cap or other head cover when outside to prevent pollen particles being caught in your hair. Wear wraparound sunglasses outdoors to prevent pollen particles coming in contact with your eyes," he explained.

Other methods he pinpointed were keeping windows and doors closed; Vacuuming carpets and floors and dampring dusty surfaces.

He also said that drying clothes in doors prevents pollen from latching onto them.

"If you own a pet then ensure that it is well groomed and shampooed as much as possible to remove pollen particles," he added.

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