Girl, 12, choked during first kiss with boyfriend who saw it in adult film

A 12-year-old girl was choked during her first kiss with her boyfriend after he seemingly replicated what he had seen in porn.

The pre-teen had witnessed the aggressive act online and thought it was normal, claimed a new report.

The Children's Commissioner of England, Rachel de Souza, said: "I will never forget the girl who told me about her first kiss with her boyfriend, aged 12, who strangled her.

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“He had seen it in pornography and thought it normal.”

The claims come after a new study found that more children than ever are viewing violent pornography online – one in eight viewing explicit content before they turn 18.

The report claims that this level of exposure is leading to the normalisation of sexual violence, and the belief their partners desire it.

Nealy half of all girls aged 16 to 21 say they’ve had a partner expect sex to involve physical aggression such as slapping and choking.

De Souza says technology has advanced too quickly for parents to understand how to properly protect their children.

She continued: “Let me be absolutely clear: online pornography is not equivalent to a ‘top-shelf’ magazine.

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“The adult content which parents may have accessed in their youth could be considered ‘quaint’ in comparison to today’s world of online pornography.

“Depictions of degradation, sexual coercion, aggression and exploitation are commonplace, and disproportionately targeted against teenage girls.

“I am deeply concerned about the normalisation of sexual violence in online pornography, and the role that this plays in shaping children’s understanding of sex and relationships.”

A 20-year-old who took part in the survey says he first saw pornography at age 12.

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He said: "Pornography, especially when viewed at a young age, colours expectations and teaches children to view women as objects of sex rather than as actual people."

One 16-year-old girl in the focus group said: "I remember people being picked on because they hadn't watched porn before, and that is kind of shocking thinking that now."

It comes as an Online Safety Bill is making its way through parliament, hoping to regulate porn sites by implementing robust age verification to prevent children from accessing the adult material.

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