Gardening minister talks to plants to ease grief from loss of husband

Gardening minister reveals she talks to her plants to help ease the grief from the loss of her husband after he died from cancer

  • Rebecca Pow, 61, lost husband Charles Clark to cancer in 2019 when he was 59
  • The junior Environment minister thanks Prince Charles for the soothing habit
  • She said plants are ‘massively therapeutic and enjoys ‘communing with nature’
  • Prince Charles said: ‘I just come and talk to the plants…they respond,’ in 1986

 The gardening minister has revealed that talking to her plants helps to ease her grief after losing her beloved husband.

Rebecca Pow, a junior minister in the Environment Department, praised Prince Charles for his habit of talking to trees and plants, saying she would like to take her hat off to him. Her husband Charles Clark, a partner in an agricultural auctioneers firm, died aged 59 from cancer in 2019.

Miss Pow, 61, the minister for nature recovery and the domestic environment, told the Chopper’s Politics podcast: ‘My husband, very sadly, died… And I do find myself at home a bit by myself. And I do actually talk to my plants because when I get home, no one’s watered them.

Rebecca Pow, the junior Environment Minister lost her husband Charles to cancer three years ago (pictured) Rebecca Pow meets litter pickers for the Great British Spring Clean

‘So the first thing I usually do when I get in is water my plants, check how they are.’ Prince Charles famously said in 1986: ‘I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important to talk to them. They respond.’

Miss Pow added: ‘I honestly think there is a massively therapeutic angle to plants in just communing with nature as a whole.’

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