Forget Quiet Quitting—It’s Job Cuffing Season

You may have heard of cuffing season in terms of dating, but it’s applicable to the workplace as well.

Every day we’re learning more about the wants and needs of workers following as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic and prepare for a looming recession. According to new data out of the UK, employees are cuffing onto their jobs in a way economists haven’t seen in months.

“Job hunters across the UK also look to cuff for the winter and settle down quickly into a new role before looking for different opportunities in the spring,” said Jill Cotton in an interview with The Stylist. As a trends expert at Glassdoor, she regularly tracks the behavior of employees.

It’s reported that at Glassdoor, searches are up 12.6% from August as employees look for new opportunities.

Cotton predicts that job search activity will likely drop as we move into the winter season, declining by 28.6% between October and December once a large group of workers finds themselves well-employed.

In an interview with HR Magazine, Ruth Cornish, who is a CEO and Independent Chief People Officer at HR consultancy Amelore, pointed out that the ongoing cost of living crisis across the globe is stoking the job cuffing flame.

“There is no doubt the cost of living crisis together with fears of rocketing energy bills and a looming recession will have an impact on the job cuffing trend,” Cornish said. “We know workers have increasing financial worries and also mental health issues and are looking for an organization that can provide as much support as possible, including the chance to work from an office (and stay warm) which is a reversal from the trend favoring remote working.” 

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