Footage shows man drive car into police station with ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ on

Footage shows a man ploughing his car through a police station in New Jersey, USA which left him faced with multiple charges including terrorism.

The man, named as John Hargreaves is seen to be crashing into a police station is Warren County before leaving his car cheering with his hands above his head. His motives are not yet entirely clear, but it has been reported that he first crashed into a private residence 'in an attempt to scare or harass the homeowner’, according to Sky.

Hargreaves, aged 34, hit a police quad room which was fortunately empty at the time, meaning there were no injuries.

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However, it appears that he was intentional in his purpose, which has left Hargreaves arrested and potentially being charged with multiple offences, including terrorism due to his apparent desire to cause harm.

It has been reported that, although not heard in the video, Hargreaves was loudly playing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses.

As soon as he hit the police station, which completely collapsed a wall, he left his car and celebrated. Two police officers rushed into the room after hearing the commotion and ordered Hargreaves to step away from the car.

After closing the door and complying, the two police officers detained Hargreaves and took him into the main part of the station to officially arrest and detain him.

The charges that Hargreaves are potentially facing include burglary, criminal mischief, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, aggravated assault, harassment and terrorism.

After the announcement of charges, the police released the video for the public to see.

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It is not yet known the motivation behind the crimes committed by Hargreaves, which included him smashing into the garage of a house nearby in the neighbourhood of Liberty Township.

Hargreaves’ crash caused significant damage to both the station and the garage, which will cost a large sum to repair.

The crash took place over the weekend on September 30.

He is due to appear in court soon.

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