First footage of Lake Huron ‘object’ spinning in sky before shoot down

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    Unconfirmed video footage appears to show the mystery "object" in the moments before it was destroyed by US fighter aircraft.

    The clip was posted in response to Michigan state representative Elissa Slotkin's tweet that she had received a call from the US Department of Defence saying that the US military had "an extremely close eye” on an object above Lake Huron.

    It was later confirmed that the object had been shot down by military pilots – the fourth such incident this month.

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    “We’ll know more about what this was in the coming days, but for now, be assured that all parties have been laser-focused on it from the moment it traversed our waters," Rep Slotkin wrote.

    She said that the operation to shoot down the object over Lake Huron had been carried out by pilots from the US Air Force and the National Guard.

    "Great work by all who carried out this mission," she said.

    US officials confirmed the takedown of the unidentified object was “at the direction” of President Joe Biden.

    The source of the wave of unidentified objects overlying the US is not currently confirmed but most US defence officials appear to believe that they originate in China.

    General Mike Minihan, the head of the US Air Mobility Command, recently predicted that China and the US would go to war, naming 2025 as the likely date for hostilities.

    Discussing Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s plans to reclaim Taiwan, Minihan wrote: “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me we will fight in 2025. Xi’s team, reason, and opportunity are all aligned for 2025.”

    While most observers believe that China is behind the wave of unidentified aircraft in US airspace, a National Security Council spokesperson said the more recent, smaller objects looked differently to the Chinese balloon.

    Deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh added: “These objects shot down on Friday and Saturday were objects and did not closely resemble the [Chinese surveillance] balloon. When we can recover the debris, we will have more for you".

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told ABC News that intelligence officials believed the flying objects that were shot down on Friday and Saturday were surveillance balloons.

    "They believe they were [balloons], yes," he confirmed, adding that the new objects had been "much smaller" than the monster airship shot down off the South Carolina coast.

    "The bottom line is, until a few months ago, we didn't know of these balloons," he said.

    "We're going to probably be able to piece together this whole surveillance balloon and know exactly what's going on," Mr Schumer added.


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