Ferrari recalls ‘nearly every car made since 2005’ due to possible brake failure

Ferrari are set to recall almost every car it's sold in the US since 2005 due to potential for brake failure.

The news could potentially affect nearly 24,000 Ferrari owners in the US as according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall filing, a total of 23,555 Ferrari models sold in the country are fit with a potentially faulty brake fluid reservoir cap that may not vent pressure adequately.

The faulty brake fluid reservoir cap could lead to a vacuum in the reservoir which in turn could potentially cause brake fluid to leak.

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Should the brake fluid reservoir run dry, this could lead to total brake failure of the vehicle, placing the driver and others on the road in grave danger.

Just 1% of the cars that are being recalled are estimated to be potentially affected, according to Ferrari.

Once recalled, the work done to fix the issues is fairly simple.

Ferrari will fit a new brake fluid reservoir cap within the affected vehicles and will upload a software update that will provide a notice in the gauge cluster that will warn drivers if their brake fluid levels run dangerously low.

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The Italian car manufacturer has suggested to drivers that if any of the recalled cars begin to flash a low brake fluid warning, they must pull over immediately and make sure they get their car towed to the dealer.

Only one car manufactured in 2004 is set to be called back, the 612 Scaglietti, with the F430 entering production in 2005 also on its way back to Ferrari.

Ferrari submitted the recall of vehicles on July 26, 2022 and they plan to send notifications to owners and dealers regarding the process of the updates on September 24.


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