Family take neighbour's request to 'put their bins out' literally

Taking the rubbish out out! Family take neighbour’s request to ‘put their bins out’ literally – and go on tour of the town

  • Tori Gabriel, 40, said it was just a ‘silly summer holiday thing’ to do

A family who were asked to ‘take their neighbours bin out’ while they were away on holiday took the request rather literally – and took it on a tour of their local town.

Tori Gabriel, 40, came up with the comical idea after neighbours Janey and David went away to Portugal and asked her to take their bin out on collection day.

She admitted a ‘dad joke went a bit too far’ when she told her husband Steve, who replied: ‘Alright, where should we take it?’ 

With the help of their daughters Jessica, 9, and Lexi, 8, the couple made stick-on eyes from cardboard and acrylic paint as well as hair from colourful wool to create ‘Binny’, who was now ready for a tour of Kirton, Lincolnshire. 

Binny can be seen enjoying a pint in the local pub, going down a slide at the playground in the park and walking the dog during his adventure. 

David Toynton (left) and Janey Thornalley came back from their holiday in Portugal to find their wheelie-bin completely transformed and newly named ‘Binny’

Jessica, 9 (left) and Lexi, 8, pictured with Binny as they take a tour of Kirton, Lincolnshire 

Tori and her two children captured hilarious photos of the bin’s day out around the village.

They went to the local shops, a chippy, the town hall and war monument and even the local hairdressers who agreed to give Binny a ‘short back and sides’. 

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Tori said the sight of a wheelie-bin being given a whirlwind tour of the town put a smile on the faces of locals and it was just a ‘silly summer holiday thing to do.’

She said: ‘We walked around our village stopping anywhere we thought Binny might want to stop.

‘We had few people ask us what we were doing but once we explained they loved the idea and wanted to be involved.

‘Everyone thought it was just really fun and it made a lot of people smile, which is what you want in this day and age.

‘One person asked if we wanted a picture of it walking the dog, so she hid behind the bin so it looked like the bin was walking the dog.

‘The girls thought it was really funny too. They kept saying: “Why don’t we make him do this? Why don’t we take him over there?”

‘It was just a silly summer holiday thing to entertain the kids but it really blew up into something that made everyone smile.’

She waited until her neighbours had returned from their holiday to reveal what they had done after she was asked by them: ‘Why does our bin have eyes?’

Tori Gabriel (pictured), 40, came up with the comical idea to literally ‘take their neighbours bin out’

Binny is spotted walking a dog around Kirton. Tori said the sight of a wheelie-bin being given a whirlwind tour of the town put a smile on the faces of locals

She said: ‘We didn’t want to advertise the fact they were away so waited until they came back.

‘When we did show them, they were like: “Oh my God, I can’t believe you did that.”

‘They came round to see us after their holiday and asked: ‘Why has the bin got eyes?’

‘We said that there was a story there, and that’s when we showed them the photos and they loved it.

‘I then shared them on our local Facebook site and the response has been incredible.’

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