Fake Madeleine McCann starts fundraiser to ‘get back on her feet’ after DNA test

A woman who claimed she was missing Madeleine McCann has launched a fundraiser so people can help her "get back on her feet".

Julia Wendell has since made a "shameful" plea to her followers as she looks to fund a lawyer and therapy sessions after DNA tests proved she was not the missing British girl.

The youngster, who disappeared in 2007 aged just three, has not been found and Julia's claims of being Madeleine were proven false.

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Since the bombshell results came through, Julia has left the US to return to her home country of Poland but is using a fundraiser linked on her Instagram to help settle down once again.

Sharing a screenshot of the fundraiser to her story, Julia wrote: "I feel so shameful for asking you for this kind of help but I need to find a good lawyer, therapist.

"I really need your help but if you don't want to help I will understand. I created this fundraiser because many kind people wrote me that I should do this because it's a possibility for me to pay for lawyer and therapy.

"Thank you and please, don't be rude I always refused taking money but I know that many of you want to help me."

Her fundraiser has raised £126 (€144) so far.

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Writing on her fundraiser, Julia has since claimed that she was "coerced" into a trip to the United States and now needs help back home.

She wrote: " I need to get back on my feet, I need to be able to get myself to a place where I can return to the work force and thrive in the career I choose. In order to do that I need support around me such as lawyers and professionals."

The Daily Star had previously reported the fallout of Julia's rubbished claims, with recent DNA findings dashing any chance of the 21-year-old being that of the missing youngster.

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Dr Fia Johansson, a psychic and private investigator who took Julia to the US and also appeared on the Dr Phil interview, has since commented on the results.

The private investigator said that Julia was left "disappointed" by the tests, which in turn led Julia to hit back at her former confidant.

Julia has since claimed the psychic was "trying to scare her" and wonders if the investigator had actually wanted to help her find out if she was actually missing Madeleine.

A body language expert had previously spoken to The Daily Star about the Dr Phil appearance, claiming Julia had been "fearful" on the show.

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