Exante reviews 2022 for advice on how to choose the best account on the platform

Clients are open to any and all offers by the company. Every function on the trading platform, whether it is for work or profit, is unique. The multicurrency trading account is the most popular. With it, you can trade multiple times per day. The website has more information about it, and you can read a bit further below.

Multi-accounts with priority features

Auto-conversion is the key feature of multi-accounts. This allows traders to convert one currency into the other. It is an option that has been a great success. A lot of trades can result in large losses. You may lose time that would have been needed to change accounts to obtain a new currency. The exchange can be done instantly on multi-accounts, so you don’t have any to worry about.

Deposits can be made in different currencies. There are more than two dozen currencies attached to your account. Sometimes funds are needed urgently, and the account does not have the ability to convert them into another currency. The administration will assist you. First, they must state the problem. After that, all you need to do it wait for the solution.

You can also open demo accounts in addition your multi-account. Another great way is to use the terminal with virtual credit instead of real money. You can use these virtual credits to trade on the platform, learn about it, try out strategies and much more. The cabinet settings allow you to refill the balance when the million virtual dollars are exhausted.

The trading platform offers many benefits

The financial catalog is one the most important characteristics of the trading terminal. Exante catalog includes more than 300,000. It continues to be filled. The client can be involved in the creation of new roles in it. All you need to do is prepare a request to the administration. In it, indicate any positions not yet on the list and wait until they are added. This process is often quick because brokers have a very responsive support service. Clients may:

  • You can ask the helpdesk for assistance.
  • Use the assistance of a personal supervisor to help you.
  • Visit the operational units in Riga and St. Petersburg as well as London, Almaty and Kiev.

The staff speaks ten different languages. All issues are quickly solved and any questions can easily be answered, regardless of what time it is. Compliance with the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive assists in protecting accounts, transparency and compliance with applicable regulations.

The company’s website contains the mobile app. You can download the application from that website. It will work with any operating system. The program provides all necessary services for working.