Emergency door of plane suddenly opens mid flight thousands of feet above ground

Terrifying moment door opens mid-flight on plane from Brazil

Passengers have filmed the terrifying view above the clouds out of an emergency door on their aircraft after it suddenly burst open mid-flight. The stomach-churning footage was captured on a flight between Sao Luis to Salvador in Brazil on Monday, June 12.

According to local media members of the band for South American popular singer Tierry were on the flight and what looks like instruments and luggage can be seen stacked by the hatch which comes open on the rear of the fuselage of the small passenger aircraft.

A video filmed by a passenger on the flight shows the astonishing view from out of the wide open door down to the ground thousands of feet below. Clouds can be seen drifting under the plane with the machine seemingly still thousands of feet in the air.

Remarkably everyone on board seems to manage to keep calm despite the air rushing in and objects flapping around them.

The musicians experienced the frightening moment around 30 minutes into the flight which had taken off from Sao Luis on Sunday.

Singer Tierry, who has more than 4.5million followers on YouTube, played a concert in the city that evening. According to reports, the pilot calmed the passengers down before making a successful emergency landing at Hugo da Cunha Machado airport where the aircraft was met by the emergency services.

The band are understood to have returned to the hotel where they had been staying. Air investigators have now begun examining the plane to work out what went wrong.

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In March this year a group of six people, including a child and a newborn baby, were able to survive a sudden loss of power in a plane over Brazil thanks to the deployment of an emergency parachute.

A video captured the single-engine Cirrus SR 22 safely drifting down to the ground with the aircraft parachute attached on March 11 in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Elsewhere in South America four Colombian children were miraculously been found alive after spending six weeks alone in the Amazon wilderness.

The four youngsters – including a toddler who had his first birthday while in the jungle – managed to fend for themselves for forty days after the plane they were travelling on crashed on May 1. The accident killed all adults on board, including the children’s mother Magdalena Mucutui Valencia.

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