Elon Musk accuses his ‘enemies’ of ‘editing Wikipedia’ in snide ‘victory’ tweet

Elon Musk has hit out out at his enemies who "edit his Wikipedia" in his latest Twitter outburst.

Replying to a Twitter account called "Musk University Quotes" yesterday (November 5), which tweets "words of wisdom" from the erratic Twitter chief, Musk said: "In the past, victory would mean that your enemies are no longer around. These days, they’re not only alive & well, but have lots of time on their hands to edit Wikipedia!"

The world's richest man, who, if Wikipedia is to be believed, inherited huge sums of money from his father who owned a Zambian emerald mine during apartheid-era South Africa, is continuing with his mega revamp of Twitter.

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Chaos ensued when he initially allowed anyone to become blue tick "verified" if they paid a fee, leading to thousands of accounts impersonating famous people and brands.

He has vowed to protect "free speech" on the site and recently revoked Donald Trump's ban on the site, though the former president is yet to return.

His tenure so far has seen him conduct a variety of Twitter polls to ask which direction Twitter should be taken in along with his customary retweeting of memes and dad jokes.

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He has also reinstated a number of accounts that had previously violated Twitters code of conduct, including some Covid conspiracy theorists.

Having previously un-banned Kanye West, the rapper and US presidential hopeful has found himself once again kicked out for antisemitic comments, which also saw him dropped from his highly-lucrative Adidas shoe deal.

Meanwhile, Musk's Neuralink company that makes AI medical devices is in hot water after reports emerged it was allegedly causing needless animal suffering and deaths.

The company has been testing on animals by implanting devices into pigs' brains and is accused of causing the deaths of some 1,500 pigs.


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