EasyJet kick stag do in ‘p***y patrol’ tops off plane for playing sex noises

An EasyJet passenger was left fuming after her flight a mouthy lout on a stag do delayed their flight by playing “porn film noises” the safety demo.

Helen Pidd said in a Tweet on March 9 that the “drunk t*sser” who was wearing a “pussy patrol t-shirt” was eventually kicked off the flight.

Helen, who works as the North of England editor of The Guardian, vented her frustration on Twitter.

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She said: "Flight delayed because some drunk tosser on a stag do (wearing a “pussy patrol” t-shirt) decided to repeatedly play porn film noises on his phone while the cabin crew did their safety demo and got kicked off.

"@easyJet don’t mess about. Why do some men think this stuff is funny?"

After Helen shared her experience of the incident, social media users shared their own horror stories of people behaving badly in public.

One social media user said: “I was sat in the doctors surgery a while back. A couple come in a waiting room full of grannies and me. She proceeds to watch chainsaw murder scenes in a horror film, on her phone. Volume full blast.

“The grannies didn’t like it. I was seething.”

While sinking pints in airport restaurants is a longstanding British tradition, many may be surprised to learn that it is actually illegal to be drunk on an aeroplane.

Solicitors Lansbury Worthington said in a blog post that boozy Brits who choose to fly can be charged under Article 139(1) of the Air Navigation Order 2009, and could face a maximum sentence of up to two years imprisonment.

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While the rowdy oaf on Helen’s flight may have been punished by being kicked off the flight, the same can’t be said for James Robson and Liam Roof.

The Daily Star reported that despite turning up to court drunk, these two hooligans managed to avoid a jail sentence for having a drunken brawl in an airport bus depot.

The pair claimed they had depression, and were given suspended sentences, despite both men having a history of violence.

The Daily Star has contacted EasyJet for comment.


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